124 Attractive Nepali Names with Three-Syllable

124 Attractive Nepali Names with Three-Syllable

To learn to read is to light a fire; every syllable that is spelled out is a spark
-Victor Hugo

Why is syllable related to reading though?

It is because a syllable is a unit of pronunciation that has one vowel sound. This means that a syllable is an integral part of learning how to read, speak and write. The first word we speak is “ama” or “mama”. This word contains Two syllables.

As we grow up we learn how to pronounce many words and many names. But have you noticed that the lower the amount of syllables the easier it is pronounced? This applies to names as well – especially if we need to learn the names of important people.

As per this, the easiest names are either those with a large number of the syllabus – which makes them interesting, or those with fewer syllabus which makes them easier to remember. Here we will be covering the names with three-syllable.

Nepali Names with three-syllable

124 Attractive Nepali Names with three-Syllable

In the wide list of names, some of the most common ones are the names with three-syllables. These names ought to be mouthful yet short enough to be pronounced easily.
Here we have 124 of such names that have divided the names as per the standard Genders.

54 Names with three-syllable for Boys

124 Attractive Nepali Names with three-Syllable

There is a thing in Nepali names that as long as one removes the last syllable from the names of girls it can potentially become a boy’s name. For example, if one removes the last syllable from Namita – it becomes Namit. That being said, this also decreases the syllable of the boy’s name in comparison to the girl’s name. But following are the ones that have three syllables.

70 Names with three-syllable for Girls

124 Attractive Nepali Names with three-Syllable

In contrast to what we mentioned for boys, it is rather easy for a girl’s name to have three syllabi. Just add “aa” or “ei” at the end of a boy’s name and the chances of it turning into a girl’s name are rather high. A good example of this “rabin” – a female name with two syllabi turning into Rabina – a female name with a three-syllabus.

Another good example that follows a similar pattern is “Prabin” turning into “prabina” with the addition of a vowel at the end of the name.

Following are some more examples of Nepali names with three-syllabus

Before We Go,

If you find the whole syllabus thing a bit confusing don’t worry, you are not the only one. The basic gist is that ” a syllabus is a pronunciation of a vowel with or without a vowel.”. If you want to be clear about this, we have covered this in another article that we have linked below. It is the first link.

That being said, names that only have three syllables are the ones that are easier to remember. One has to spend less energy to pronounce and remember all the words in those said names.

Hope this was helpful for you. And as always, thank you for reading till the end. If you have any suggestions for us, do leave them down in the comments below.

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