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Introduction to the agreement

The terms and conditions outlined herewith will explain how you may use our website and/or our App and our services.

Throughout this document, you might encounter these terminologies such as “You”, “Your”, “User”, “Client” which refers to you the user or the person who is using the website and its service whereas the terms like “We’, “Our”, “Ourselves”, “Us”, “Company”, “Party”, “Parties” refers to the company/ourselves and our clients.

As these terms and conditions act as a legal binding document, you are only authorized to use our website, app and other services if you agree to the terms and conditions mentioned herewith.

This agreement shall come into existence hereof and will act as a legal binding document.

Intellectual Property Rights

Unless otherwise expressly stated, Nepali Names exclusively owns IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) for all the materials published in Nepali Names website and its related app.

Thus, all the IPR are reserved under company’s license. The users may access the contents of Nepali Names for their own personal use and any or other limitation that applies is set in the terms below.

You must not:

  • Republish the contents from Nepali names
  • Sell, rent or sub-license the contents from Nepali Names
  • Reproduce, copy or duplicate contents from Nepali Names
  • Redistribute content from Nepali Names
  • Copy or duplicate the contents from Nepali Names to create similar competitive product

As mentioned above, the contents of Nepali Names can be used for the personal use and restricts any commercial use. However, some part of the website gives users opportunity to share opinions, ideas and information. In this regard, we do not edit, filter, publish or review any contents prior it’s posted on the website. Also, it is to be noted that any opinion or views mentioned by the users in the website does not reflect the views of the company (Nepali Names), its agents or affiliates.

To this extent, any or such liability which shall occur by the post of views and opinions of the users shall not accrue any liability, damage or expense to the company to the extent of any applicable law arising out of it.

Further, Nepali Names reserves exclusive rights to monitor all comments and remove such comments which are considered by the company to be offensive, inappropriate or breaches our terms and conditions.

Considering this, you represent and Warrant:

  • You have all required license and consent to post the comment and content in our website.
  • Your action and content would not breach any of our or our partners IPR (Intellectual Property Rights)
  • The comments and action are not offensive, defamatory or in any way unlawful which could invade our, our users and our client’s privacy

In consideration of the terms and representations above, you hereby grant Nepali Names non-exclusive right to reproduce, use, edit any of your comments and contents in any form, formats and media.

Who can use Hyperlink to our contents?

The following lists of organizations may use our Website to link the contents without prior written approval:

  • The Search Engines like Google, Bing and the like
  • Any Governmental Bodies
  • News portals and organizations
  • The online directory distributors may use the link to our website.
  • Any businesses accredited across the market except the non-profit organizations, charity, shopping malls.

All the organizations can use the link to our website so long that:

  • The link they use in not any way deceptive
  • Fits well within the context of the linking party’s site
  • Does not in any case make an attempt to imply endorsement, sponsorship or approval of the linking party’s products and services.

Also there are some exceptions considered while considering and approving the link requests from:

  • Community dotcom (.com) sites
  • Any Consumer or Business Information sources who have significant effect in the market
  • Online directory distributors
  • Accounting, Law and other related consulting firms
  • Educational Institutions
  • Trade associates

The exception to the approval to link request from the organizations above is:

  • Considering that the organization manages to maintain clean track record in the public as well as to our organization
  • The link would not in any way put us and our partners in unfavorable position.
  • The link encompasses the general information resource context.

Any approved organization may use the hyperlink:

  • With the use of our corporate name
  • Can use uniform resource locator link
  • The context on the linking party’s site which matches the context to link our website.

Note: The use of Nepali Names art work and logo is prohibited and any company should strictly follow the company’s license and trademark rights.

Links to Third Party Websites

Our website contains links to third-party websites and resources. It is to be noted that we only provide such links and resources for your convenience and we do not have any responsibility and control over the contents, products, and services of such websites. Thus, you as a user have sole responsibility assuming all the risk that may arise by using the third-party websites.


In the event that we organize any events such as contests and promotional campaigns associating with the sponsors, by participating in such event you provide us permission to share your personal information with our partners involved in such campaigns.

Update/Change in Terms and Conditions

Nepali Names has exclusive right over its contents to change, modify and update its terms and conditions. In the case of significant change in the terms and conditions, we may inform you about such changes via email. In other instances you can regularly check our websites terms and conditions page.


You agree that any harm or damage or loss acquired by using our site will not be liability of us, our partners and affiliates.

Limitation of Liability

Nepali Names will not be liable for any incidental, consequential, indirect, punitive damage, or loss in profit and revenue of any kind, loss of data, goodwill, use and assets-tangible or intangiblewhich may arise while using our website and resources.

Warranty Disclaimer

As mentioned in our privacy policy as well, Nepali Names remained excluded from any warranty-implied or express.

To this regard, Nepali Names, its partners and affiliates, agents, and licensors do not warrant completeness, accuracy, relevance, non-infringement of the contents and information on our website. Also, Nepali Names does not guarantee that or website in any way present or in the future will be error-free, secure, workable at any time. Thus, it is your sole responsibility that any loss resulting from the use of our website considering the above conditions is understood.