Privacy Policy

We at Nepalinames are committed on the ground to manage, maintain and secure the privacy of our users. In this regard, this Privacy Policy document outlines the detail of the collection, usage, and disclosure of the personal information subjected to the company’s website other products associated with Nepaliname like a mobile application.

We are very sensitive towards your personal information and how it is collected, used, and shared. This policy will outline the information and disclosure regarding your privacy and thus by coming to Nepalinames, you are accepting the policy outlined hereof.

While reading this document you will encounter the words like “We”, “Our’s”, “US”, “Our” referring to Nepalinames whereas the terms “You”, “Your’s”, “Your” refers to the users.

Thus, any personal data that we collect from the users will be in reference to this privacy policy.

The Personal Data We Collect.

The following are the lists of personal data we collect:

  1. Sign In Details

When the user Sign-in or registers to the website, information such as their Name, Email, Phone, and Date of Birth are collected.

  1. Newsletter Signup

The details such as your Name, and Email are collected.

  1. Online Identifiers

The online identifiers are the tags that are associated whenever you visit or browse through our website. Such identifiers will allow us to collect technical data such as IP address, transaction logs, and details of the device used.

Other Information’s

The Non-Identifiable Personal Information

These types of information are not directly subjected to identifying or contacting the person. As such the information is subjected but not limited to demography, age, sex, gender, geography, profession, and the like. Such information may be stored and maintained in the database of company’s affiliates, partners or contractors which help the company track the Metadata which aids the company to pool such data and use it in strategy such as expanding the business.

Location Based Information

The location-based information is collected to verify your location and target and deliver you the content and service and other location-based services we offer or wish to offer. The location information is subjected to be shared with our partners and/or third parties which may be used for targeted campaigns. Note, that we only share such information with our business associates and not to an anonymous source. We collect such information on the basis of the location setting being activated in your device.

Other Network Related Information

This kind of data is just like the Non-Identifiable data, which cannot be traced directly to identify you. Thus, the information are subjected but not limited to IP address, Location information, domain names, device information, browser type, the date and time of page views and the like.

Sources of the data (How do we collect data)

  • As mentioned above, we get the personal data from the sign up registry whenever you sign up to our website.
  • The data will be collected in the background which is observable during your usage of the website.

What do we use your data for?

We use your personal data for the underlined purposes:

  • To identify you and deliver our service.
  • To better the service by thorough evaluation, development and improvement.
  • To enhance communication regarding the service this includes notifications, alerts and updates.
  • To enhance effective two-way communication. This will help us handle complaints and enquiries.
  • Comply with the statutory/legal requirements.
  • As cyber security is of great concern to us, we collect data to investigate, prevent and act in case of fraud, potential security breach and any illegal activity which will undermine user’s privacy and security.
  • To send you the notification and information for other service this may be of interest to you.

Third Party Information sharing

We may partner with or use the services of any third party which subjects to sharing of your personal information.

In saying so, the limitation exists in our ability to use and share your personal information. We do not:

  • Share any of your personal information other than Company’s authorized service providers, partners and affiliates.
  • The information shall exclusively for the business purposes, unless we inform you in such case you will have an option to not share your personal information with us.
  • Limit any share of personal information with anonymous (identifiers, cookies and data feeds, re-marketing lists).
  • To share the location information to the third party companies like Google without obtaining your consent.

We may process and share your personal information for following purposes:

  • To help you and guide you to registration and sign up process, payment process and maintain rigorous communication regarding your purchase and/or use of our services.
  • In order to enhance swift response regarding your inquiries, suggestions and complaint regarding our Website or Service.
  • To develop more personalized Website and App experience.
  • In order to assimilate the efforts of business partners, affiliates, vendors and other service providers to provide you the necessary service.
  • To update you and send you notice regarding the change and update in our policies, terms and conditions.
  • To inform you and involve you in Company’s promotional campaigns.
  • Outlining the business affiliation and interests, this includes but does not necessarily limit to audit, data analysis, Cyber security, fraud monitoring and prevention, expanding the business, improving the current product, service and website standards.

We may disclose your personal data to the following third parties:

  • Other companies are the prime hosting and distribution platform of our content.
  • The subcontractors, agents, or service providers working for us or provide services or products.
  • Any law enforcement authorities, government authorities, courts, dispute resolution bodies, regulators, auditors, and any party appointed or requested by applicable regulators to carry out investigations or audits of our activities.
  • Any statutory or regulatory bodies and authorities mandating disclosure of personal data.

Note: The company has limited or no control over the third-party privacy policy. So if you are more concerned about your private information shared by the company with its affiliates, partners, contractors, or other third parties, you can go and check their respective privacy policy and access your consent.

Website Tracking

The company either directly or by using the services of the third party collect or track the information which will empower company’s customer support, research and analytics, product development, data and security, risk assessment and the like.

As such the following are the tools and technologies used to track user’s activity on company’s website:


Cookies are the alphanumeric identifiers which are stored on your computer when you browse through the websites on your browsers which tags your web activity to personalize your web experience.

Functional Cookies

We use functional cookies as they are the core necessity for the functionality of our website. These cookie help us remember the basic information such as your username, email, date of birth, while using the website or application to interact or use the service.

Analytics Cookies

The analytics cookies are used basically to track the user’s involvement on the website. For instance, the pages the user’s visit, how user’s visit the website, the frequency of page and website visits and the like. This feature is very helpful to get insights and data which will help us improve websites and apps functionality and performance.

Session ID Cookies and Persistent Cookies

The Session ID cookies are the temporary cookie which goes away or expires once you close the browser whereas the Persistent cookies remain on your computer for longer period of time even if you close your browser or computer. We may use both cookies to track and target the user’s interest and experience on our website and app.

Web Beacons

Web beacons are great tool for the companies to keep data and track of their marketing campaigns in digital spectrum. For instance the company can use web beacons with cookies to track the newsletter campaign, email open rates, webpage or website visits and the like.

Log Files

Log files are automated reports which are reported by the apps and your web browsers whenever you go to our website or use our app. We along with our partners may use log files to collect the electronic information but not limited to it, such as IP (Internet Protocol) address, ISP (Internet Service Provider), OS (Operating System), Browser Type and the like.

Duration of your Personal Data

We keep the record of your personal data as a requirement to ensure that you can access our service. If due to any circumstances you wish to revoke your permission and demand us to erase your data, you can make such a request to the company at [email protected]The resulting outcome of this action may limit you from getting the service that you previously get.

How to Opt-Out

If in any circumstances you prefer to not share your personal information with us or any of our third parties, please contact us at [email protected]


Our privacy policy is subjected to change or update at our own discretion. You are subjected to get notified if any or such significant change is made in the policies either by notifying via app through in-app message or an email.

Terms and Conditions

This policy document is considered as a part of Company’s term of Service and henceforth when you accept the clauses as in described by our policies, it is considered as consent to process your data and information as per this policy.


We take reasonable precaution and ground to ensure security, however wouldn’t guarantee to be infallible.

Children’s Privacy

We don’t, in any way intend to place our product or service to the person under the age of 16. Having said so, any person under the age of 16 shall not provide any information without the consent of their parents. Thus, any such persons above the age of 16 shall be regarded as legal authority oneself and to represent the minor for sharing their personal information in Company’s Website and app.


If you have any queries relating to the privacy policy information, reach us at [email protected]