15 Nepali Nicknames for Wife That Loves like a Love Charm

15 Nepali Nicknames for Wife That Loves like a Love Charm

She is the world that I love to revolve around. Every time, I feel I have found new horizons to her name.

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She is the most common word that has been used to denote a female or the most prized possession. People call their Car, Boat, and other luxuries pride as She. All the nicknames can never win over the love for your Wife. She is Special and She needs perfect Nepali Nicknames for Wife.

How do you express your love to your wife? You surely do enough to have such a beautiful relationship with her. She is proud to have a husband that does it all and still does more to make the family happy. Maybe you are searching for the Nepali nicknames for wife to love her with another new joy of seeing her smile, every time you call her with the name.

Nepali Nicknames for Wife

1. Budi

Budi is not just a word, it is the Queen of the Nepali Nicknames. It’s for a strong relationship and the seriousness that you have for your lovely wife.

2. Saanu

Treating your wife as a cutie is what you love. It feels elating to see her happy and smiling. ‘Sannu’ treats her right as she smiles feeling the care that you have shown.

3. Rani

Calling her as your queen is not just pride for you, but hearing that is the real pride for her just to know what you feel about her.

4. Kalu 

Kalu is the synonym of Cutie pie in terms of Nepali Nicknames. Lovingly tease or flirt, she is going to smile.

5. Saane

Calling her as your baby is what Saane says. Your babe is your lovely muse.

6. Priyeshi

You want to be the lover romantic who treats her right, then the name Priyeshi is all in for you. My lover, my babe is what you will be saying in the Nepali version of it.

7. Pari

Now you know that she is the angel for you. Why not say that she is the Angel with the perfect set of Nicknames? Feel it, She is the rightful Pari.

8. Janu

The same way a wife calls his husband his life, this name gives the same feeling back towards your wife.

9. Nanu

Calling your wife with a tone of love and acting as her senior with love and care to say that you are there for her is how you can use these kinds of Nepali Nicknames.

10. Kali

It can be used as a simple and cute term to give for your wife to say that you find her cute and lovely.

11. Priye 

You try to explain how much she means and is in your heart with so many words. But, simply saying Priye conveys all that in a single word.

12. Maya

Calling her your love is what Maya does. The name itself explains that you are in true love with your wife.

13. Mayalu

Mayalu is the word that defines a person who is lovable. You can always be a Mayalu with a simple term of being a caring and understanding husband that your wife will feel happiness.

14. Darling

Darling is the name that says how loving and caring you are. It’s a plus point that It does not have any language boundary for it’s an expression of love.

15. Kanchhi

Same as Kanchu, the name Kanchi can be used to express love and intimacy with your wife in a cute way.

Before You Name Your Wife

You know that you love your wife to the moon and back. There is absolutely no one who would ever be as special as your wife. She has your back and you have hers. The love between you is something that others learn from. The secret behind it is the Nicknames for wife that you have conveyed with the feelings to her.

It’s in how you express your love and support that your intimate soulmate companionship comes written from the heavens. But you are the lead character in your story who makes it all a real love story. Your wife is proud of you.

We have got your back. So, what unique name have you gifted your wife? Sharing your love story would be a lesson for other young lovebirds. After all, who wouldn’t be inspired by a perfect Love Story?

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