Common nepali names

200 Most Common Nepali Names That You Must Have Heard

Have you ever been confused by some people calling out your name for someone else? Most of us have been through it, right?

For instance, in schools when a teacher calls a student with a popular name, more than one student responds at the same time. In other instances have you ever been confused with your phone contact list with the names that are the same and you don’t know what is what and who is who?

Moreover, have you ever turned around in a public place hearing someone calling out your name but it wasn’t for you? Well! The situation pops up like the bubbles in the water when you have the most common name.

Now, do you want to know those names? If yes, we have provided a list of both common Nepali names of both girls and boys. Have a look at it.

Common Nepali Names – Girls

common Nepali names

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Common Nepali Names – Boys

common nepali names

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