20 Sweet Nepali Nicknames for Girlfriend

20 Sweet Nepali Nicknames for Girlfriend

Are you looking for some sweet Nepali nicknames for girlfriend which could turn the air of love and romance?

The funny way nickname seeps into a relationship and not just ordinary but naturally always gives more meaning to the relationship. Think about the gravity of the nickname and the casual conversations that would follow which reinforces how you cherish spending time with your partner. Can the levity of any such instances be challenged? If your answer is ‘No’, then it will get better. Why? you might ask, just because we have come up with the list of Sweet Nepali Nicknames for Girlfriend for you.

If just calling out the nicknames for your loved one will get your pleasure and satisfaction; predicting and remembering all those instances when you made her laugh, irritable, angry, and click with utmost love and romance is a great memory to hold on to.

So without wasting any time, lets get a sneak peek at the list of 20 Sweet Nepali Nicknames for Girlfriend.

Lists of Cute Nepali Nicknames for Girlfriend

1. Maya / Mayalu /Pyaari

‘Maya’ literally translates as Love. You call your girlfriend Maya/Mayalu/Pyari to make her feel special and loved.

2. Babe / Babes / Baby

If your girlfriend just cringes on your foolish, flirty persona, call her ‘Mero Baaaaby’ just to see her cringe to the bones. In other instances, call her baby/babes to flirt or carry casual conversations with her.

3. Babu / Baba

Again, she is your Babu/Baba, or call her ‘Mero Baabu’ or ‘Mero Baaba’ just to be a nuisance to her. But hold on, can you bear the risk of being a nuisance?

4. Sanu / Saani

‘Saanu’ or ‘Saani’ is such a cute way of communicating the firm and delicacy of your love towards your loved one.

5. Gudiya / Putali / Baby doll

Now, if you want to turn on the the air of light-hearted and flirty atmosphere, call her Baby Doll/ Putali/ Gudiya.

6. Jaan / Jaanu / Jindagi

‘Jaan’ literally translates in English as Life. Call your partner Jaan/Jaanu/Jindagi to make her feel that she is the most precious one in your life.

7. Kali / Kalu

Irrespective of her skin tone, call her ‘Kali’ or ‘Kali’. This nickname is gender-neutral and seeps into conversations naturally in most instances.

8. Kanchhu / Kanchi

If you just want to make your point, adding these nicknames with your sentence would do the trick. For instance, ‘Yesto ho ni tah Kanchhi/ Kanchhu’ at the first or last sentence while making your point might help you out convince her.

9. Darling

‘Darling’ is another gender-neutral nickname. Most songwriters and artists also use this word in their songs to refer to their loved ones. Maybe sometime you could sing some songs you like which use the nickname Darling to turn the air of romance or just irritate her with your silly tantrums.

10. Sweetu / Sweetheart / Sweetie

Not just for the sake of just saying, but remember when you get that sweet and subtle reaction-maybe just a pint of a smile when you call her Sweets/Sweetheart or Sweetie can make your heart crumble.

11. Love

‘Love’ is that word which would not need much of an explanation as it is self-explanatory.

12. Dear

If you are looking for a bit of nudge of romance, call her Dear/My Dear.

13. Pari

‘Pari’ is another cute Nepali nickname for your girlfriend. ‘Pari’ literally means ‘Angel’ in English. If you can’t get enough of seeing her, call her ‘Pari’.

14. Pyari

If she is a charmer and adorable soul, call her ‘Pyari‘.

15. Sona

If just seeing her overwhelms you with the rush of feelings, call her ‘Sona’.

16. Maisaab / Madam

Now, if you want to light that flirty candle, call her ‘Maisaab’ or ‘Madam’.

17. Princess

She is your Princess if you feel that she is some lost piece of art from some wonderland. Just repeat these words to be cheeky and cheesy. What reaction would she give?

18. Nanu / Nani

‘Testo haina ni Nani‘. Just use these nicknames to be cheeky and flirty.

19. Honey

If you are just too overwhelmed by her sweetness, call her ‘Honey’.

20. Budi

If she is really insecure about her age, dare to call her ‘Budi’. In other instances, call this nickname to iterate that she is the one or just to flirt.

Ending Thoughts

Finally, there goes our list of 20 Sweet Nepali Nicknames for Girlfriend.

It feels awesome having a special bond with your special one when you find a friend, companion, supporter, well-wisher, and many more within your wonderful partner. So, why not give her the nickname or say nicknames which would define the shades of relationship and bond you have with her. Make her feel like being with her is like “To be with the one and one is all.

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