52 Different Names of Lord Bhairava with Meanings

52 Different Names of Lord Bhairava with Meanings

Lord Bhairava is a Hindu god of both respect and fear. He is often associated with fierceness and protection. Lord Bhairava is a powerful form of Lord Shiva. Naming your baby after Lord Bhairava shows that you respect this powerful god. It also inspires your child to be protective, fearless, and strong.

In this blog post, we will share 52 unique names inspired by Lord Bhairava. Each name has its own special meaning and significance.

Who is Lord Bhairava?

Lord Bhairava is a fierce and formidable form of Lord Shiva, the Hindu god of destruction and transformation. Bhairava is often depicted with a fierce countenance, adorned with a garland of skulls, and holding various weapons. He is believed to be the guardian and protector of temples and sacred places. Lord Bhairava is also associated with time and is sometimes referred to as the “Lord of Time,” signifying his control over the past, present, and future. Devotees seek his blessings for protection against negative forces and for the removal of obstacles on their spiritual path.

Why name your baby after Lord Bhairava?

Choosing a name inspired by Lord Bhairava holds profound meaning and significance, and here are some compelling reasons:

  • Protection and Fearlessness: Lord Bhairava is known as a fierce protector. Naming your child after him can be seen as an invocation of his blessings for protection and fearlessness in facing life’s challenges.
  • Overcoming Obstacles: Lord Bhairava is believed to remove obstacles and destroy negative influences. Naming your child after him may symbolize the desire to overcome difficulties and hurdles in life.
  • Cultural and Religious Heritage: Naming a child after Lord Bhairava connects the child to their cultural and religious heritage, emphasizing the importance of spirituality and divine protection.
  • Family Tradition: In some families, there is a tradition of naming children after deities, and choosing a name associated with Lord Bhairava can be a way of continuing this custom.
  • Unique and Meaningful Name: Names inspired by Lord Bhairava are unique and carry specific meanings related to protection and strength, making them distinctive choices for a baby’s name.
  • Devotion and Worship: Parents who have a strong devotion to Lord Bhairava may name their child after him as an expression of their faith and reverence for the deity.
  • Spiritual Connection: Lord Bhairava represents a deep spiritual connection and the pursuit of higher truths. Naming your child after him can symbolize a commitment to a spiritual and meaningful life.

Lists of 52 Different Names of Lord Bhairava For Baby Boy

Names (नाम)Meanings (अर्थ)
Aekdanstra Bhairava (एकदण्डस्त्र भैरव)The Bhairava with a Single Staff; Symbolizing Lord Shiva’s simplicity (एकल दण्डसहितको भैरव)
Aerawat Bhairava (एरावत भैरव)The Bhairava associated with Lord Airavata (Indra’s elephant); Signifying Lord Shiva’s connection to divine beings (भगवान एरावतको सम्बन्धको भैरव)
Ajar Bhairava (अजर भैरव)The Eternal Bhairava; Symbolizing Lord Shiva’s timeless nature (श्री शिवको शाश्वत स्वरूप)
Anal Bhairava (अनल भैरव)The Fire Bhairava; Signifying Lord Shiva’s association with fire elements (आग्नेय तत्वको सम्बन्धको भैरव)
Anu Bhairava (अनु भैरव)The Subtle Bhairava; Reflecting Lord Shiva’s unmanifested form (सूक्ष्म भैरव; अदृश्य रूपको प्रतीक)
Aushadhigna Bhairava (औषधिग्न भैरव)The Bhairava of Medicinal Herbs; Reflecting Lord Shiva’s healing and nurturing qualities (औषधिको भैरव)
Bandhak Bhairava (बंधक भैरव)The Bhairava who Binds; Signifying Lord Shiva’s power to protect (रक्षण गर्ने शक्तिलाई प्रतिपादन गर्दछ)
Bhishan Bhairava (भीषण भैरव)The Terrifying Bhairava; Reflecting Lord Shiva’s fearsome aspect (डराउने भैरव; भगवान शिवको आतताइको प्रतीक)
Chandravarun Bhairava (चन्द्रवरुण भैरव)The Bhairava associated with Lord Chandra (Moon) and Varuna (God of Water); Signifying Lord Shiva’s connection to celestial bodies and water elements (चन्द्रमा र वरुणको सम्बन्धको भैरव)
Cheenkar Bhairava (चिन्कार भैरव)The Bhairava who Shouts; Signifying Lord Shiva’s powerful voice (भगवान शिवको शक्तिशाली आवाज)
Damar Bhairava (दमर भैरव)The Bhairava who Tames; Reflecting Lord Shiva’s control over wild forces (वन्य शक्तिमा अधीन गर्ने भैरव)
Dantur Bhairava (दन्तुर भैरव)The Bhairava with Tusks; Signifying Lord Shiva’s fearless nature (डर नलाग्ने भैरव)
Dhanad Bhairava (धनद भैरव)The Bhairava who Bestows Wealth; Denoting Lord Shiva’s ability to grant prosperity (धन दिने शक्तिलाई प्रतिपादन गर्दछ)
Divyak Bhairava (दिव्यक भैरव)The Divine Bhairava; Denoting Lord Shiva’s transcendental nature (श्री शिवको अत्यन्त दिव्य स्वरूप)
Dundikarn Bhairava (दुण्डीकर्ण भैरव)The Bhairava with Trumpet-Like Ears; Denoting Lord Shiva’s unique features (कुर्चीको जस्ता कान सहितको भैरव)
Ganbandhu Bhairava (गन्धर्बको मित्र भैरव)The Bhairava who is a Friend of Gandharvas; Signifying Lord Shiva’s association with celestial musicians (स्वर्गीय संगीतकर्मीहरूको साथ सम्बन्धको भैरव)
Gavanya Bhairava (गावन्य भैरव)The Bhairava associated with Lord Ganesha; Signifying Lord Shiva’s connection to Lord Ganesha (भगवान गणेशको सम्बन्धको भैरव)
Ghant Bhairava (घण्ट भैरव)The Bhairava who Rings the Bell; Denoting Lord Shiva’s presence in temple rituals (बेल बजाउने भैरव)
Ghanteswar Bhairava (घण्टेश्वर भैरव)The Bhairava of Bells; Reflecting Lord Shiva’s role in temple worship (बेलको भैरव; मन्दिरको पूजामा भगवान शिवको भूमिका)
Ghatatop Bhairava (घटाटोप भैरव)The Bhairava atop the Pot; Symbolizing Lord Shiva’s ascetic life with minimal possessions (टोपमा बस्दैँ भैरव)
Indrachor Bhairava (इन्द्रचोर भैरव)The Stealer of Indra’s Pride; Reflecting Lord Shiva’s supremacy (इन्द्रको गर्व चुराइदिने)
Indramurti Bhairava (इन्द्रमूर्ति भैरव)The Form of Lord Indra; Signifying Lord Shiva’s multifaceted nature (भगवान इन्द्रको रूप)
Jatal Bhairava (जटाल भैरव)The Bhairava with Matted Hair; Denoting Lord Shiva’s unconventional appearance (जटामा रहेको भैरव)
Kambal Bhairava (कम्बल भैरव)The Bhairava who wears a Blanket; Symbolizing Lord Shiva’s ascetic lifestyle (संन्यासी जीवनको प्रतीक)
Kratu Bhairava (क्रतु भैरव)The Bhairava associated with Lord Kratu; Signifying Lord Shiva’s connection to Vedic rituals (भगवान क्रतुको सम्बन्धको भैरव)
Kushmand Bhairava (कुश्माण्ड भैरव)The Bhairava with a Pumpkin; Symbolizing Lord Shiva’s unique forms (कद्दूसहितको भैरव)
Lilak Bhairava (लिलक भैरव)The Playful Bhairava; Denoting Lord Shiva’s joyful nature (खुशीमा भैरव)
Liptak Bhairava (लिप्तक भैरव)The Attached Bhairava; Reflecting Lord Shiva’s connection to devotees (श्री शिवको श्रद्धालु सम्बन्ध)
Mahabal Bhairava (महाबल भैरव)The Mighty Bhairava; Reflecting Lord Shiva’s immense strength (शक्तिशाली भैरव)
Maniman Bhairava (मणिमन भैरव)The Bhairava adorned with Gems; Denoting Lord Shiva’s divine ornamentation (मणिहरूले सजाइएको भैरव)
Meghvah Bhairava (मेघवाह भैरव)The Cloud Carrier Bhairava; Reflecting Lord Shiva’s role in weather and natural forces (मौसम र प्राकृतिक शक्तिमा शिवको भूमिका)
Mrag Bhairava (मृग भैरव)The Deer Bhairava; Denoting Lord Shiva’s connection to wildlife (वन्यजन्तुसँगको सम्बन्धको भैरव)
Nagkarn Bhairava (नागकर्ण भैरव)The Bhairava with Serpent Ears; Symbolizing Lord Shiva’s association with snakes (सर्पको कान सहितको भैरव)
Paawan Bhairava (पावन भैरव)The Purifying Bhairava; Denoting Lord Shiva’s role in cleansing and purification (शुद्धिको भैरव)
Pawan Bhairava (पवन भैरव)The Wind Bhairava; Signifying Lord Shiva’s connection to the element of air (वायु तत्वको सम्बन्धको भैरव)
Phetkar Bhairava (फेतकार भैरव)The Roaring Bhairava; Denoting Lord Shiva’s fierce aspect (गर्जन गर्ने भैरव)
Shudarshan Chakra Bhairava (शुदर्शन चक्र भैरव)The Bhairava with the Divine Discus (Sudarshan Chakra); Signifying Lord Shiva’s association with Lord Vishnu’s divine weapon (भगवान विष्णुको परम प्रतिपादन गर्दछ)
Shudhalaap Bhairava (शुद्धलाप भैरव)The Bhairava with Pure Speech; Denoting Lord Shiva’s divine utterances (पवित्र भाषण सम्पन्न गर्दै भैरव)
Shuklatund Bhairava (शुक्लतुण्ड भैरव)The Bhairava with a White Tusk; Reflecting Lord Shiva’s purity (शुद्धता सम्पन्न गर्दै भैरव)
Singh Bhairava (सिंह भैरव)The Lion Bhairava; Symbolizing Lord Shiva’s courageous and fierce form (साहसी र उग्र रूपको भैरव)
Sthawir Bhairava (स्थविर भैरव)The Elderly Bhairava; Reflecting Lord Shiva’s timeless existence (अखिल जगतको समयद्वारा पारंपरिक रूप)
Swarnakarshan Bhairava (स्वर्णकर्षण भैरव)The Bhairava who Attracts Gold; Reflecting Lord Shiva’s power over wealth (सन्दिग्ध पार्टीलाई बल प्रदान गर्दछ)
Teekhchnosth Bhairava (तीख्यच्नोस्थ भैरव)The Bhairava with a Sharp Nose; Denoting Lord Shiva’s unique features (तीख्यच्नको प्रतीक सहितको भैरव)
Ukchaya Bhairava (उक्चाय भैरव)The Elevated Bhairava; Denoting Lord Shiva’s exalted presence (श्री शिवको उच्च स्थान)
Varun Bhairava (वरुण भैरव)The Bhairava associated with Lord Varuna; Signifying Lord Shiva’s connection to water (भगवान वरुणको सम्बन्धको भैरव)
Varvarak Bhairava (वर्वरक भैरव)The Bhairava with Shaggy Hair; Symbolizing Lord Shiva’s untamed appearance (असुशिक्षित रूपको भैरव)
Vatuk Bhairava (वटुक भैरव)The Child Bhairava; A playful form of Lord Shiva (बच्चा भैरव; भगवान शिवको खेलाडी रूप)
Vimukta Bhairava (विमुक्त भैरव)The Liberated Bhairava; Signifying Lord Shiva’s role in salvation (मुक्तिको भैरव)
Vitank Bhairava (वितङ्क भैरव)The Bhairava with Antlers; Symbolizing Lord Shiva’s connection to wildlife (मृगको प्रतीक सहितको भैरव)
Vyal Bhairava (व्याल भैरव)The Bhairava with the Tiger Symbol; Symbolizing Lord Shiva’s wild and powerful nature (बाघको प्रतीक सहितको भैरव)
Vyapak Bhairava (व्यापक भैरव)The All-Pervading Bhairava; Denoting Lord Shiva’s omnipresence (अन्तर्यामी श्री शिवको स्वरूप)
Yakch Bhairava (यक्ष भैरव)The Yaksha Bhairava; Signifying Lord Shiva’s association with celestial beings (स्वर्गीय जनमाथि सम्बन्धको भैरव)


We hope that this list of 52 names of Lord Bhairava with meanings has been helpful in choosing the perfect name for your child. When choosing a name for your child, it is important to consider the meaning of the name and whether or not it is appropriate for your child’s culture and background. You may also want to speak to a Hindu priest or teacher to get their guidance on choosing a name.

No matter which name you choose, we hope that your child grows up to be a brave, compassionate, and righteous person.

Do you have a favorite name from this list? Do you know of any other Bhairava names that we have missed? Please share your thoughts in the comments below!

We would love to hear from you!

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