42 Names of Lord Kuber with Meanings

42 Names of Lord Kuber with Meanings

Lord Kuber is a Hindu god of wealth and prosperity. He is a guardian of treasures and the treasurer of the gods. Many parents choose to name their children after Lord Kuber in the hope that it will bring them good fortune and financial success.

In this blog, we will explore the world of Lord Kuber and present 42 names inspired by this deity. Each name has its own unique meaning and significance. Discover the richness of these names and the reasons why naming your baby after Lord Kuber can be a meaningful choice.

Who is Lord Kuber?

Lord Kuber, also known as Kuvera or Kubera, is a divine figure in Hinduism. He is often depicted as a plump, dwarf-like deity adorned with jewels and holding a pot overflowing with gold coins. Lord Kuber is believed to reside in the mythical city of Alaka in the Himalayas and serves as the custodian of wealth and riches. As a faithful devotee of Lord Shiva, he is known for his generosity and ability to bestow financial blessings upon those who worship him with devotion. Lord Kuber is not just a symbol of material wealth but also represents the responsible and ethical use of wealth for the betterment of society.

Why name your baby after Lord Kuber?

Naming a baby after Lord Kuber can hold several meaningful reasons and significance:

  • Blessings of Prosperity: Lord Kuber is the god of wealth, and naming your child after him is believed to invoke his blessings for financial well-being and prosperity in the child’s life.
  • Financial Success: Parents may choose a name inspired by Lord Kuber with the hope that it will bring success in their child’s financial endeavors and a prosperous future.
  • Cultural Heritage: Naming a child after Lord Kuber connects the child to their cultural and religious heritage, emphasizing the importance of spirituality and values related to wealth and abundance.
  • Family Tradition: In some families, there is a tradition of naming children after deities, and choosing a name associated with Lord Kuber can be a way of continuing this custom.
  • Personal Devotion: Parents who have a strong devotion to Lord Kuber may name their child after him as an expression of their faith and reverence for the deity.
  • Unique and Meaningful Name: Names inspired by Lord Kuber are unique and carry specific meanings related to wealth, making them distinctive choices for a baby’s name.
  • Symbolic Representation: Lord Kuber is often depicted with symbols associated with wealth, such as a mongoose and a pot of gold. Naming a child after him can symbolize the family’s desire for abundance and material well-being.

Lists of 42 Different Names of Lord Kuber For Baby Boy

Names (नाम)Meanings (अर्थ)
Anandapati (आनन्दपति)The Lord of Happiness; आनन्दको भगवान
Anuraj (अनुराज)Devotion to wealth; धनको प्रति अर्पण
Danada (दानद)Giver of wealth; धनको दाता
Dhanadhipa (धनाधिप)The Master of Wealth; धनको मालिक
Dhanapati (धनपति)The Lord of Wealth; धनको भगवान
Dhanraj (धनराज)King of wealth; धनको राजा
Ekapinga (एकपिङ्ग)The one with a single tusk; एक माउँको साथ
Guhyakeswara (गुह्यकेश्वर)Lord of secrets; रहस्यको भगवान
Haripriya (हरिप्रिय)Beloved of Lord Vishnu; विष्णुको प्रिय
Jadavida (जडविद)The one who gives prosperity; समृद्धिदाता
Jaksh (जक्ष)Another name for Kubera; कुबेरको अर्को नाम
Kinnareswara (किन्नरेश्वर)Lord of the celestial musicians; स्वर्गीय संगीतकारको भगवान
Kubera (कुबेर)The Lord of Wealth; धनको भगवान
Kuberanatha (कुबेरनाथ)The Master of Kubera; कुबेरको मालिक
Lakshmipati (लक्ष्मिपति)The Lord of Fortune; भाग्यको भगवान
Manuraj (मनुराज)King of hearts; हृदयको राजा
Manushyadharma (मानवधर्म)Duties of a human; मानवको कर्मचार
Muniraja (मुनिराज)King of sages; मुनिहरूको राजा
Muniraju (मुनिराजु)Lord of ascetics; साधुहरूको भगवान
Naravahana (नरवाहन)One who rides on men; मानिसहरूमा सवार हुने
Nidesh (निदेश)The guide; मार्गदर्शक
Nidhipati (निधिपति)The Lord of Treasures; धर्माधिकारीको भगवान
Paulastya (पौलस्त्य)Another name for Kubera; कुबेरको अर्को नाम
Punyadineswara (पुण्यदिनेश्वर)Lord of auspicious days; शुभ दिनको भगवान
Pushadanta (पुषदन्त)One with Elephant Teeth; हातिको दाँतका साथ
Pushpakara (पुष्पकर)One who Causes Prosperity; समृद्धिलाई गर्दाहरू
Rajraja (राजराज)King of kings; राजाहरूको राजा
Ratnakara (रत्नकर)The Ocean of Gems; रत्नको समुद्र
Ratnesh (रत्नेश)Lord of jewels; रत्नहरूको भगवान
Samridhi (समृद्धि)Prosperity; समृद्धिको भगवान
Sarvadhikari (सर्वाधिकारी)The Supreme Authority; उच्च अधिकारको भगवान
Shrida (श्रीदा)The giver of wealth; धनको दाता
Siddhidayaka (सिद्धिदायक)The Giver of Achievements; साधनाका दिनकर्ता
Sridha (श्रीध)The one who bestows prosperity; समृद्धिलाई दिने
Trayambakasaka (त्रयम्बकसक)One who resides in the third eye; तेश्रो आँखमा बस्ने
Vaishravana (वैश्रवण)Another Name for Kubera; कुबेरको अर्को नाम
Vibhishana (विभीषण)Brother of Ravana; रावणको भाइ
Vittanath (वित्तनाथ)Lord of wealth; धनको भगवान
Vittapati (वित्तपति)The Lord of Prosperity; समृद्धिको भगवान
Yaksha (यक्ष)A class of supernatural beings; प्राकृतिक शक्तिहरूको एक श्रेणी
Yaksharat (यक्षरात)King of the Yakshas; यक्षहरूको राजा
Yaksheshwar (यक्षेश्वर)The Lord of Yakshas; यक्षको भगवान


We hope that this list of 42 names of Lord Kuber with meanings has been helpful. When choosing a name for your child, it is important to consider the meaning of the name and whether or not it is appropriate for your child’s culture and background. You may also want to speak to a Hindu priest or teacher to get their guidance on choosing a name.

No matter which name you choose, we hope that your child grows up to be a kind, compassionate, and successful person.

Do you have a favorite name from this list? Do you know of any other names of Lord Kuber that we have missed? Please share your thoughts in the comments below!

We would love to hear from you!

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