184 Popular Nepali Unisex Names

The Unisex names are the Gender Neutral names which can be given to both baby girl or a boy.

While thinking about the name, the normal perception is that name should be binary in the case of gender-which is that a different name should be assigned to identify a Boy and Girl. But should this binary exist in naming your child? No, Right? It really feels great if and when you have the freedom to choose, and the more freedom the more choice and the more liberated you feel.

Nepali Unisex Names

Now, this is just the thing about choice and freedom, but the essence is though Unisex Names are not that common they do exist and in some instances frowned upon. As the world is moving towards a more progressive approach to be Non-Binary and Gender-fluid, we can take a leap by giving our child Gender Neutral or Unisex names.

Having said so, the trend of giving Unisex Names to newborns has been on the rise in Western World. Be it in pop culture or the public media, the Gender Neutral names are commonly heard which in a way normalizes it.

Popular Unisex Names

Nepali Unisex Names

Final Thoughts

Now, in the list, you might find the name which a public figure might have carried. Take for instance the name ‘Nima’ and Voila we have the most celebrated singer and actor of Nepal ‘Nima Rumba’. The point is it might seem uncommon and most often judged upon-such can be the pulse of the general public, but the larger question is should it be the cause to impede the choice and freedom while naming yourself or your newborn child? The choice is yours.

There goes the list of 184 Unisex Names commonly heard in Nepal and India. Now, if you want to help us discover more of the Unisex names, mention them in the comment section.

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