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66 Classic Newari Names with Their Meanings

Are you searching for Newari names to name your baby after your native language Newari? Before that lets read the background of Newari language.

Newari is not a major language of Nepal only 3.20% of the total Nepalese speak this language. However, if you are anywhere within Kathmandu Valley you would feel this language dominate every corner. 

Even if you are not within Kathmandu valley, you can still find Newari people now and then. That being said, there are a lot of names that are specific only to this language. If you have a bunch of Newari friends, you may have come across some Newari origin names. 

And if you are a Newar, you may even have a name that came from your native language – Newari as well. However, this language is diminishing with the passing of days. So a lot of rewards among you may not know the meaning of your names.

This is the reason why the Newari Language sounds weird to a lot of people. Along with this, over the past few decades, the Newari language has mixed with Nepali and other languages, due to which, a lot of typical words have been lost. This is the reason why quite a lot of us don’t know some Newari words, even when we are born and raised with Newari as a mother tongue. 

One last thing before we begin, Newari language is not constant all over Nepal – in fact, it varies wildly from place to place so even if you know a name originated from one place, you may not recognize the Newari Name from another place. 

Keeping this in mind here is our list of 66 classic Newari names. One of these names might just strike you to name your baby. Just for the sake of ease, we will be segmenting these Newari names into male and female genders.

Newari Names for Baby Boy

newari names for boys

One of the most common example is the name Jyasa (ज्यास:). It means office and sounds rather cool but this word has been overused by the Newari people to the extent that it feels just wrong to name their kids after this word. Pasa (पासा) is another one of such words- although in this case, if you are from a typical Newari community, this might have been to avoid confusion as it simply means friends in Newari Language.

The word Pasa has existed for a long time but, it saw a rise in use and in popularity back in 2017. It was during the time when a blockbuster movie Loot and Loot 2 were released. You remember this dialogue Bal hoina Pasa dimag chahinchha dimag delivered by Saugat Malla, don’t you? This was also the time where another Newari name saw a rise in use. It was Haku – the character of Saugat Malla in that Movie.

So by now a lot of you might be curious about the Newari names, right? Let’s look at the Names of Newari Boys in their Typical Language. If you want to know what they mean and how they are pronounced, you can check our article for 29 Newari Names for Baby Boys right after this.

Newari Names for Baby Girl

The names that are used for girls in Newari Language are usually the names that sound sweet or have meaning that focuses on Beauty, Grace, and Elegance. One such example is the name Hisila (हिसिला). It means a cutie or a sweet lady and this is a name that not only sounds sweet but has a meaning that is related to beauty. This name is also shared by the actress of the famous Newari Movie – Hisila Maharjan.

Along with that Rajamati (राजमती) is also one of those famous names as well. Not only is there a movie related to this name, but there are also multiple songs related to this name as well such as Rajamati Kumati and Rajamati Wa.

Taking all of these into consideration, for now, let’s check out the List of the Newari Names for Baby Girl. If you want to learn how they are pronounced and what they mean, you can follow this up with 38 Newari Names for Baby Girl.

newari names for girls

So these are the 50 most common names from the Newari language. Did you find a familiar name here? Or was your name included in here? If you know any more Newari names that you don’t know the meaning of or have any names that we have missed do comment below and we will surely include them in the next part.

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