27 Unique Newari Names for Boy With Their Meanings

Jojolapa Pasapi (जोजोलपा: पासा पिं))

Did you understand what it meant? Those who are Newars probably immediately recognize this line. These words that sound like something of a combination between Tibetian and Tharu for those who have never heard Newari – is their mother tongue. It simply means “Hello Friends” in English.

This is Newari Language, where each punctuation can change the entire meaning of the word. If you are confused by what we mean, here is an example: Khe with a Shirbindu (खें) means eggs while the same letter/word without a Shirbindu (खे) means “someone who is not Newari and speaks the Nepali Language”.

Along with there are several words that have multiple half letters combined into one to make a sound that is not found in the Nepali language – called Kuttakshar. One of the most common examples of this is Nhugu which is a combination of sounds n – hu- gu/ न् – हु – गु.

newari names for boy

Now, this same logic applies to Newari Names as well and the explanation is necessary for a lot of you to understand some of the names we are about to mention. A lot of you may wonder why we added some symbols or wrote half letters in the Nepali version when we could have written the full ones. That being said, today we are going to cover some of the Newari Names Boy.

Due to the reasons explained, to avoid confusion for you, we will not only be listing out the names but how to pronounce them properly and their meanings as well.

List of Newari Names for Boy with their Pronunciation and Meanings

1. Babukaji (बाबुकाजी): Pronounced as : ba – bu – kaa – jii/ बा – बु – का – जी

This is one of the old names that people rarely use nowadays. This name is made out of two words “babu” meaning a “small kid” and Kaji meaning “a Leader”. The meaning of this name when the two words are it means youngster who became the leader of a community or a Young leader of a community 

2. Haku (हाकू): Pronounced as : haa – kuu / हा कू

This name means Black. There is no metaphor for this name and there is no racism either. This name was popular with those who were born with dark skin.

3. Hiraman (हिरामान): Pronounced as : hii- raa- maan/ हि – रा  – मा – न

The name means “Someone who is as hard and sturdy as a diamond”. The word itself is made from two words “Hira” meaning “diamond” and “man” meaning “respect”.

4. Loojha (लूझ:): Pronounced as: Loo – Jha / लू झ 

This name means Golden Sun. The “Loo” in this name means “Gold” and “Jha” in Newari means “Sun“. When both of these words are combined, a golden sun is formed. 

5. Nhooja (न्हूज): Pronounced as : N – hoo – Jha/ न् – हू – झ )

This name is the short form of the term Nhugu Jha:  which in Newari means the New Sun. However shortened, this term means Sun at Dawn as Nhooja

6. Tuyu (तुयु): Pronounced as:  to – you / तु यु

The name means White. Similar to Haku, this is not a racist nor a metaphorical one and is usually kept when the child is born fairer than most of the populace. 

7. Tirthaman (तीर्थमान): Pronounced as: Tir – tha- maan / तिर् – ठ – मान 

This name means “Someone who is religious” and is rather an old name that is rarely used in modern times. 

8. Puta (पुता): Pronounced as : Pu – taa/ पु – ता

This name means a “Dear Child”. This word is often used by grandfathers use when addressing their dear grandchildren or parents of the older generation addressing their children.

9. Sanil (सनिल): Pronounced as : Sa – Nila/ स – निल

This Newari name means Starry Sky. The Nila in the name means sky and when combined with the suffix Sa, the meaning changes to “Starry Sky”.

10. Pujan (पुजन): Pronounced as: Pu – jan /  पु – जन्

This name means someone who is worthy to be worshipped. It is the Short form of the term Pu yae jiu mha manu (पु याये जिउ म मनु). In Newari Language, pu yae jiu mha means anything or anyone that is worthy to be worshipped and manu means human. 

11. Mimal (मिमल): Pronounced as: Mi – mal/ मि – मल् 

This Newari means lightning. As mighty as this name sounds, very few people are named Mila as this word is rarely used in modern times and there is and people from the older generations were afraid of lightning. 

12. Neelaa (नील:) Pronounced as :  Nii – laa/ नी – लअ

This Newari names Holy Water. The Laa in this means water and when combined with Ni as a suffix the water becomes Holy water.

13. Sajan (सजन): Pronounced as : Sa – Ja – n/ स – ज – न्

A name meaning “someone who is simple and pure”. This is one of those evergreen names in the Newari Community.

 14. Mila (मिला): Pronounced as: Mi -laa/ मि – ला 

This Newari name means Sky. Although this name is rather a good one because the word is a traditional one, very few people even know it.

15. Nugah (नुग:): Pronounced as: Nu – ga- a /नू – गअ

The name means Heart and it is among the few names that a person can share with both a body part and place as the local people of Lalitpur call Lalitpur, Sundhara as Nugahle as well that means “in heart”

16. Niba (निबा:): Pronounced as:  Ni – baa/ नि – बा

This name basically means Sunray. Though this name sounds a bit offensive, it is not the only one in the Newari language. 

17. Jyasa (ज्यास:): Pronounced as: j- yaa- saa/ ज् – या – सअ

This Newari name means Office and although the word is used rather commonly among handicraft workers and laborers, it is rarely used as the name. The name is still cool though. 

18. Nhugu (न्हुगु): Pronounced as:  n – hu – gu / न् – हु – गु

Although similar to Nugah, this is not related to the heart. This name means “New” but similar to Jyasa, although this name sounds good, it is a rarely used one.

19. Aakha (आख:): Pronounced as : Aa- kha/ आ – ख:

This is another one of those Newari names that are rarely used. Although the name is rare we encounter it everyday as this name simply means “letter“.

20. Anga (अंग:): Pronounced as :A – n – ga/ अ – न् – ग

You encounter this everyday, and if you speak Newari you hear this word a lot of times. This name means “wall” and it is strong name, although with a weird pronunciation.

21. Abir (अबिर): Pronounced as : a- bir / अ – बिर

Although not exactly a name that is specific to Newari Language, this word is one of the typical Newari words. The name simply means Holy Crimson Powder and is interchangeable with the Nepali term “Tika“.

22. Agin (अगिन): Pronounced as : A – gi – n / अ – गि – न्

Some of the words are so rare that even the avid speakers of the Newari Language don’t know it. This name is one of them. Although the name simply means “Continuous” but because people rarely use the word Continuous in everyday life, it is actually not a surprise that people don’t use this word nor this name. Still a cool name though.

23. Ajil (अजील): Pronounced as: A- Ji – l/ अ – जी – ल्)

We once mentioned that some of the male names sound cool but don’t really have meaning that matches with boys in general. Well this is one of such names. While most of the boys are named after something tough and strong, this name means “a small white flower“. Not the most typical of meanings but still a really good name.

24. Aju (अजु): Pronounced as: A – ju/ अ – जु

This name literally means “Surprise” and it was a surprise for us as well. Even those who are into Newari don’t come often this word all too often. The reason may be that the word is old and rarely used.

25. Mijal (मिजल): Pronounced as: Mi- jal/ मि – जल्

This name is a combination of two words Mii and Jaa with Mii meaning fire and Jaa meaning Ray/Light. When combined, both of these combine to make a name that means “heat of the fire“.

26. Pasa (पासा): Pronounced as: Paa- saa/ पा – सा

This friendly-sounding name does live up to the name. This name just means “friend” and it is not a rare word either and even Non-Newari know the meaning of this word. Maybe that is why people feel weird to be named after this friendly word.

27. Sanil (सनिल): Sa – Ni – l/ स – नि – ल्

This a name that is not really rare nor the one that is frequent one. But regardless of that, it is still a really good name. This core part of this name is Nil which is derived from Nila meaning Star. Deriving from that core, this name means Starry star. Although, it is weird when looking from another perspective, the alternate meaning of this name is Gifted.

note* When a letter ends with “:” In the Newari language, you have to pronounce that letter a bit longer. 

With this, we come to the end of this collection of Newari Names for Boy. A lot of your brains may be hurt by the end of this article and a lot of ours did as well. Newari is not the native language for most of us and it is hard to read as well as pronounce. However just like every language, they have some really cool names with great meanings. Hope you found this interesting and as always if you have some suggestions for us, do leave them down in the comments below and let us know what type of articles related to names do you want next.

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