Ultimate List of Stereotypical Nepali Names: 60 Names That are Used Everywhere

From the title, a lot of you may be “thinking what are Stereotypical Nepali Names?”

Lets us clarify this with a few examples:

  • Ramle Bhat Khanchha
  • Hari Bajar Janchha
  • Mote Ganesh Ayo
  • Sita Jasti Sabya Naari
  • Kaali Maata Ayoo!
  • Shanti Ka chha oi?

What do all these 6 sentences have in common? Names that are used virtually everywhere with a rather simplified image of a person- or Stereotypical Nepali Names.

This may be due to their ease of use, their relevance to the context, or their presence. You can find these names virtually everywhere. And we are not just talking about real-life people. Ram is always present in Nepali Byakaran as someone who is eating rice, Hari is always going to market in the very same book. Sita is always mentioned whenever someone talks about femininity and Kaali is always used when female acts scary.

Ultimate List of Stereotypical Nepali Names: 60 Names That are Used Everywhere

Shiva is always used when someone smokes weed, Savitri can be found wherever a female becomes too good for people. These are just some of the Stereotypical Nepali names that we can find spoken or mentioned in virtually every corner of Nepal, regardless of the presence of anyone with the said name.

Do you want to know some more of these names? Are you scared of finding your name on this list? If so, why not check out the list?

30 Stereotypical Nepali Names: Male

names of sita
Ram and Sita Marriage Ceremony

Ram is undoubtedly one of – if not the most Stereotypical name in Nepal. Let’s be honest, we all have heard the sentence “Ramle Bhat Khanchha” so many times that there are memes being made of this very name and sentence. But besides Ram, we also have Ganesh which is used to call people “fat” in a subtle way, Bhairav whenever people get angry.

That being said, let’s look at some more of these names,

30 Stereotypical Nepali Names: Female

Ultimate List of Stereotypical Nepali Names: 60 Names That are Used Everywhere

Let’s give “Ram, Shyam and Hari” a little bit of a break, and let’s look at “Rita, Sita and Gita” for a bit now. Just like how “Ram” is always eating rice in Nepali Byakaran, Sita is doing the same. And just like how “Hari” is always to market, Geeta is doing the same. These names are just as Stereotypical as Ram, Shyam, and Hari. Similar to how men have their Bhairav and Ganesh, women have their Savitri and Kaali followed by a list of other similarly used names. Don’t believe us? How about looking at the list below? We bet that you have heard these names used out of context quite a lot.


Ultimate List of Stereotypical Nepali Names: 60 Names That are Used Everywhere

These are some of the names that are used quite a lot – to the point of being Stereotypical. These are the names that can easily be referred to and these are the names that roll off your tongue instinctually whenever you need to give an example that involves a person. While we may make fun of these names, they are for sure some of the best examples of a name going “Viral“. But that being said, is it really that bad for these names to be ingrained into our brains?

Hope you found this interesting. If you have any suggestions for us, do let us know in the comments below. And as always, thank you for reading till the end.

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