36 Nepali Names of Fruits - Delicious Droolable Name List

36 Nepali Names of Fruits – Delicious Droolable Name List

Do you like Fruits?

Of course, you do! Unless you are someone who is allergic to fruits or someone with trauma related to fruits, everybody loves fruit. Even if you hate one, there are so many fruits that you can never hate every single one of them.

But that being said, do you know what they are called? No not their actual name, but Nepali Names of Fruits. Or how about this, do you know the names of the fruits that we consume on a regular basis are called in English?

Well, some of you may indeed know them. But we are guessing that not all of you do. If Well not to worry for we- the name experts are here.

36 Nepali Names of Fruits

36 Nepali Names of Fruits - Delicious Droolable Name List

Since a lot of Nepali people are bilingual, we admit that remembering the names of each and everything thing in two languages can be a bit difficult. What’s even tougher for a lot of Nepalese who are enrolled in education is that they very well might have to remember the names of everything in three languages; their cultural language, Nepali and English.

So in order to keep the names of fruits in the Nepali language fresh, we have the list of Nepali Names of Fruits, along with their English counterpart.

English Names of FruitsNepali Names of Fruits
Apple Syau (स्याउ)
ApricotKhurpani (खुर्पानी)
BananaKera (केरा)
BarberryChutro/Chautari (चुत्रो / चौतारी)
BayBerryKafal (काफल)
Cherry PlumAlchha (अल्छा)
ChestnutKatus (कटुस)
CitronBimiro (बिमिरो)
CoconutNariwal (नरिवल)
Custard AppleRam Khal/ Sarifa (राम फल / सरिफा)
Fig Anhir (अन्हिर)
GooseberryAmala (अमला)
GrapesAngur (अंगुर)
GuavaAmba/Belauti (अम्बा / बेलौती)
Indian Butter TreeChiuri (चिउरी)
Indian GooseberryAmala (अमला)
JackfruitKatahar (कटहर)
Japanese Bitter OrangeBel (बेल)
Java PlumJamuna (जमुना)
MangoAap (आँप)
MulberryKimbu (किम्बु)
Nepali Hog PlumLapsi (लप्सी)
OrangeSuntala (सुन्तला)
PapayaMewa (मेवा)
PeachAaru (आरु)
PearNaspati (नासपाती)
Pineapple Bhuikatar (भुइकतर)
Plum Arubakhada (अरुबखादा)
PomeloBhogate (भोगटे) (
PomegranateAnaar (अनार)
RaspberryAinselu (ऐंसेलु)
SapotaChiku (चिकु)
Sea BuckthornJhali Chuk (झली चुक)
Stone AppleBel (बेल)
WalnutOkhar (ओखर)
WatermelonKharbuja (खर्बुजा)


36 Nepali Names of Fruits - Delicious Droolable Name List

As you may have guessed, these are just some of the Nepali Names of Fruits. But even among these, some of the Nepali Names of Fruits are rather obscure ones that not a lot of us know about. There are even some fruits whose English name is more known than their Nepali names.

That being said, how many of these names did you know?

Hope this was helpful. If you have any suggestions for us, do let us know in the comments below. And as always, thank you for reading till the end.

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