32 Nepali Celebrities Who Changed Their Names - Keep It Secret

32 Nepali Celebrities Who Changed Their Names - Keep It Secret

Nepali Celebrities Who Changed Their Names ??

Have you ever been awestruck to know that the name of the celebrity you know and like is not their real name? It’s strange at times because the name which is so commonly heard and represented, itself becomes too strong in public perception that the name ‘Personifies’ itself and the real name lay hidden inside. And the funny thing is though you crack that hidden secret and know the real name of your favorite celebrity, still, you can’t let go of the name that celebrity adopted to identify themselves as a public figure.

The point is, that’s how strong is the power of the name, and especially the name of the celebrity. Now, knowing this hidden secret of celebrity name will not only grant you some perks in a casual conversation with your friends to simply “Pelo Gyan” but also relate to and have a strong sense of personal touch about your favorite celebrity. And when remembering all those gossips and chats that you have with your friends with the pint of tea, all the while you at the center stage, the tea though with less sugar becomes sweet.

Fun isn’t it just imagining. Considering all these interesting plots playing over your head, now let’s dive without much delay to unlock the secrets behind the names of ‘Nepalese Celebrities’.

List Of Nepali Celebrities Who Changed Their Names

1. Paul Shah – Purna Bikram Shah

2. Samragyee Rajya Laxmi Shah – Priyanka Rajya Laxmi Shah

nepali celebrities who changed their names

3. Aanchal Sharma – Aanchal Dawadi

4. Karishma Manandhar – Bunu K.C.

5. Nikhil Upreti – Dinesh Upreti

6. Aryan Sigdel – Hari Krishna Sigdel

7. Nandita K.C. – Shova K.C.

8. Garima Panta – Kamala Panta

9. Biraj Bhatta – Bhoj Raj Bhatta

10. Ramit Dhungana – Radhe Shyam Dhungana

11. Rose Rana – Saroj Thapa

12. Surbir Pandit – Keshav Pandit

13. Nawal Khadka – Nawaraj Khadka

14. Sumina Ghimire – Mina Ghimire

15. Usha Poudel – Rukmani Kumari Poudel

16. Kristi Mainali – Mina Khatri

17. Mausami Malla – Bishnu Maya Thakuri

18. Melina Manandhar – Sunita Manandhar

19. Srijana Basnet – Sunita Basnet

20. Saranga Shrestha – Sharada Shrestha

21. Pooja Chand -Radhika Pariyar

22. Kriti Bhattarai – Sukriti Bhattarai

23. Poojana Stri – Poojana Pradhan

24. Yuna Upreti – Yamuna Upreti

25. Jiya K.C. – Jamuna K.C.

26. Jeshika Khadka – Jyoti Khadka

Well! it’s really been a fun ride to know so much about the real names behind the celebrities that would just pop out and makes you think twice. Oh! that’s the real name. The expression can’t well be described in the words but you can relate how some of the names in the list above would induce such reaction.

At a first glance, it might not seem too normal for celebrities to have a different name than the publicly identified name, but as you look deeper, these are just another common thing. Not just in the context of Nepalese celebrities but also the Bollywood and Hollywood celebrities.

And more than that, to common people like us, it not a golden locked rule as if you can’t change your name. Right? You still have the freedom to change your name because it’s you who is identified with the name and it’s you who is carrying it. The point is, most of us look for something to relate with our favorite celebrities, and the name is one such thing that is relatable on a much deeper level. This reinforces the fact that you as an adult have the freedom over carrying yourself in a world where you have control over your name and the rest follows.

All in all, it’s fun to know your celebrity not only as an observer through the public lens but also somewhat in a personal way, and knowing the real name is the starting point.

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