7 Reasons: Why Is It Important to Have a Good Name?

7 Reasons: Why Is It Important to Have a Good Name?

“Names have power.”

― Rick Riordan

Shakespeare was right to ask what’s in a name because NAMES MATTER.

Good Name: Why is it so crucial?
To a person, his/her name is the most important word. It is a connection to their own identity. A bond to their individuality.

Humans are obsessed with names. Yes, we label everything, because we need to know how we are supposed to interact with something or indicate its characteristics.

Age, sex, race, or even personality and characters. When it comes to people, their name indicates a variety of features.

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It is also one of the ways to call someone or simply get their attention. It is a sign of respect and a way of acknowledging them.

We feel valued and content when someone remembers us. Remember our name after meeting us. It makes an assertive and lasting impression on us.

Importance of having a Good Name

A unique name makes a different kind of impact on a person’s subconsciousness.

A good name does not mean you should pick an overused name. A good name should be unique so that it carries a weight. A name that makes people get surprised when they see or hear your name. Because of the uniqueness, the people will not forget your name, as it puts a striking image on their subconsciousness.

Your name is your shield

Imagine yourself having a name that everyone makes fun of. Yes Embarrassing right. So you should pick a name that is impossible for people to make fun of. People making fun of your name can take a toll on your mental health. Also, your name sticks with you forever, so people making fun of you because of your name is not going away any time soon.

A good name means a good fame

good name

A cool and stylish name can boost your personality. Pick a name that is fun for people to call, and I feel it is easier for people to make new friends if you have a cool name.

Meaningful names are memorable

You need to pick a name that has a deep meaning. A name with no significant meaning is just a basic name that everyone is going to use. Pick a meaningful name so that people can instantly connect with you and your name.

Personal Branding: Your name elevates your credibility.

It is known that people or celebrities have started using their names to build their brands. Although all the names in the world can be used for personal branding, it is better to choose something that goes well with the market. Every recognized and influential person has started using their names for personal branding without being dependent on other names.

A good name generates a positive attitude leading to increased self-esteem

A name that protects you from bullying or a name that has a heavy tone or meaning can be a major factor in boosting your self-confidence. Imagine people asking your name for the first time you meet, and already they are impressed by hearing your name. I mean it can help you boost your confidence.

The good and honorable name carries a heavy content

Prithivi is an honorable name. It was the name of the king who started the unification campaign of Nepal. Now imagine that your name is Prithivi. Don’t you feel pride because of that name? Obviously, you will. The name itself carries such a weight that it will give you a sense of pride while giving your name. A good name should be given to an honorable person. So that the name sounds good and well respected to the people that it is given to.

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Now you get the zest on why a good name is important. But choosing a name is a stressful process. And if you’re hoping to land on a unique one, the process is even tougher.
But where do you find a unique name? Or where do you get the inspiration to develop one?
Well. you can rely on us.
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