101 Beautiful Flower Names To Name Your Baby - Both English and Nepali

101 Beautiful Flower Names To Name Your Baby - Both English and Nepali

What do you want to name your baby after? How about a flower?

Naming a baby in relation to things or people that are strong, intelligent, and tough is a good option. However, sometimes we just want to name our baby that represents something pleasant, delicate, and precious. What else is as delicate yet mesmerizing as a flower

While this is being said, we have a lot of names to pick from – even from our own country. According to the researchers, there are around 400 species of vascular plants that are endemic to Nepal and quite a few of these are flowering plants. On top of that, different communities have different names for the same flower. Among these flowers, they contain some iconic ones as well.

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One such flower is Rhododendron – also known as Guras. Along with Guras, there are other flowers like Kamal that stand iconic among the flowers of Nepal. Not so surprisingly, we see quite a few people named these flowers. Let’s be honest, who can forget Guras Nani and Kamal Khatri from our own entertainment Industry.

Since there are lots of flowers, it sometimes becomes hard to remember Nepali names for those flowers. Along with this, sometimes we don’t have Nepali names for a lot of flowers as well, such as Orchids and Tulips. In this case, if someone wants to name their babies, they do it in English. This practice is not so rare in Nepal as people who bear the name Jasmine, Lilly or Rose are pretty common in Nepal.

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Naming a baby after flowers in English has increased with the progress of Modernization and the spread of the English language. This has given us a lot of freedom and a lot of names to choose from as well and we have used quite a few of them as our own names.

Now one thing to be noted is that not all names of Flowers give a sense of beauty, some give a sense of strength as well. The ones like Cassia, Dalhia, Pushpa, and Sungabha are some examples of these. So these names of flowers are not just for females but for males as well.

Keeping this in mind, without further ado, lets dive into our list of 101 beautiful flower names that you can give to your baby.

baby names derived from flowers
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Names derived from the Flowers

You may have come across a lot of these names. For you, some may be a bit too common while you may have never heard of others. Some of these are indeed overused and some are indeed names that people rarely use – and all of them have beautiful meaning and a feeling despite being from flowers.

So, did you find your name here? Or at the very least find one that you like or have heard of? Let us know your answers in the comment below and if you have any feedback and suggestions for us, let us know as well.

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