147 Boy Names After Lord Vishnu

‘one who is everything and inside everything’

‘the omnipotent’

‘who is free from fetters and bondage’

One of the supreme Hindu deities of Trimurti, Lord Vishnu is the supreme God of Vaishnavism. Master of all the existence, we believe him to be the great protector and preserver, and the one who restores order in the world.

Some notable boy names after Lord Vishnu.

Hari (‘remover of sins’), Kala (‘time’), Vāsudeva (‘Son of Vasudeva’, i.e. Krishna), Atman (‘the soul’), Purusa (‘the divine being’).

We took these memorable names for your little bundle of happiness. Each name here describes a quality, attribute, or aspect of God.

The name Vishnu means- one who pervades, one who has entered into everything. Vishnu originates from the word- Vish meaning he is radiated in all directions and contains in the ever-expanding Universe.

Naming after a divine entity is a common thing in Nepal. So if you are a devotee of Lord Vishnu and looking to name your baby boy after him, here is the list of names of Vedic Lord Vishnu.

Lists of Boy Names After Lord Shiva

boy names after lord vishnu

Name is such an integral part of an individual’s life. In Hindu culture, a naming ceremony takes place to name a newborn. Hindu gods and goddesses have a special place in Nepali households.

The aforementioned is the reason naming a newborn after a deity is so common in Nepal.
Lord Vishnu has many beautiful names with equally potent meanings. The name taken from him are very popular.

These are some baby boy names after Lord Vishnu picked by Nepalinames. So, go ahead and choose one.

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