86 Interesting Nepali Names with Two-Syllable

86 Interesting Nepali Names with Two-Syllable

“I swallowed the syllables of your name
and I was full.”

This is a great metaphor to represent how a syllable can affect the essence of the name. This phrase basically means “listening to your name makes me feel warm when I hear it”. Why did she use the word syllables though?

A syllable is a unit of pronunciation with a vowel sound with or without consonant. It’s an integral part of how we speak. So, in this phrase, she might also mean, your name sounds good or easy to listen to.

Let’s understand this concept of syllables with the help of some names. We are the name masters after all and it will suit our style as well.

Let’s take Shiva as an example.

86 Interesting Nepali Names with Two-Syllable

When we say Shiva, the vowels are attached in Sh-i and V-a so this is a name with two-syllable. The number of letters doesn’t affect the syllables but the number of vowels does. One thing you may have noticed is that Names don’t always end up with a vowel.

For example, When we say Ram – the only vowel in this name is at R-a and the “m” is left without any vowel. when this happens we consider the last constant without a vowel as a syllable.

Now that these have been clarified, let’s move on to the Nepali names with Two-Syllable

86 Nepali Names with two-syllable

Needless to say, these 86 names are Nepali names with two-syllable. Here, we have compiled some of the more common ones in this list. For the sake of convenience, we have divided this list as per the classic gender.

40 Names with Two-syllable for boys

86 Interesting Nepali Names with Two-Syllable

We have already mentioned one of the most common and well-known two-syllable names but apart from that, you would be surprised that there are some names that sound like a three-syllable name but is actually two.

Hrishi is a good example of that. It may sound like you pronounce this as H-ri-shi but as we mentioned, constants don’t matter when it comes to syllables. So this is a name with two-syllable. Let’s check some more names below.

46 Names with two-syllable for girls

86 Interesting Nepali Names with Two-Syllable

Here we have some really common names like Sita and Gita but along with this, we also have names that are rarely heard like Gamya as well. Along with this we also have names that sound like a three-syllable one but are actually names with two-syllable.

A great example of this is Dikshya. Remember that constants don’t matter so this name is pronounced as Dik – shya and not Dik – cha – ya. Even if it is spelled like Dikshya, it will still be two as it will be pronounced as Dik-chhya. So let’s learn some more:

Before we go,

86 Interesting Nepali Names with Two-Syllable

Syllables can be a bit confusing- especially when it comes to naming. This is because while some may consider the ending letter without considering it as a full syllable and some may not. The thing is both of them are right in their own way. The ending is indeed a syllable but not just a full one. So whether you group it with the previous one or make it its own syllable depends on how you pronounce it.

Pranish can be pronounced as Pra – nish or Pra- ni- sha. Both of them are right with the only issue being how good it sounds.

Hope this was helpful for you. And as always, thank you for reading till the end. If you have any suggestions for us, do leave them in the comments below.

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