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31 Little-Known Classic Newari Names for Girls With Their Meanings

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Subhae Du Pasa (सुभ्ए डु पासा)“, This phrase that you may have heard means “Thank You friend” in Newari Language. This is a rather common phrase as it is an essential part of a Newari Greeting. Having said this, we do acknowledge that it can be pretty hard to read and pronounce for those who don’t speak or hear much Newari Languages. A lot of you might even think this sounds similar to Chinese or other Tibetan Words.

You will be partially correct if you think this as Newari Language does have a part of its root in the Tibetan Language as it originated from a Sino-Tibetan language. Although a lot of people know what a Newari language is, it can be a bit difficult at times to distinguish it from other languages.

For example, Newari has a word called “Lisah” that sounds exactly like the English Name “Lisa“. This word is the Newari term for “answer”. Along with that another such word is Khusi meaning a river. Khushi sounds exactly the same as the Nepali word Khushi that means Happiness. Both of these are written and pronounced exactly the same way but are from different languages having different meanings.

newari names for girls
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There are a lot of such words in Newari languages and a lot of the names that Newari people have do fall into the category of these words. Along with that, punctuation and half letters are quite common in Newari Language as well. Small changes in Punctuations and half letters can change the meaning of each word or even make the word invalid.

For example, one of the most common Newari words is Jojolapa (जोजोलाप्पा). Now, this is often written as Jojolappa (जोजोलाप्पा) because this word sounds like it is pronounced this way. However, that is a completely wrong way to write it and the addition of one-half letter makes this word invalid in Newari Language. Another example is the word Makasi. It means the ear-ring that an elder wears. It should be written as माक: सिं and pronounced as Maa- kaa- Si – n / मा – क – अ – सी – न् with a nasal sound attached to the सी. If not, this word too becomes invalid.

We needed to clear this thing out before we move on to talk about names as a lot of names don’t make sense if punctuation or a half-letter is misplaced. Along with that, there are a lot of names that sound similar to words of other languages but are Newari Typical ones. So in order to avoid this, we have made a list of __Newari Names for Girls with their pronunciation and meanings.

Lists of 31 Newari Names for Girls

newari names for girls
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1. Shimaa (शिमा:): Pronounced as: Shi – maa/ शी माआ
This is a Newari name that means Tree. Although it sounds similar to the Nepali word Simana meaning Border, it has no relation to this one and is a typical Newari word that has been used to name Girls for a long time.

2. Lumanti (लुमन्ती): Pronounced as: Lu- man – ti/ लु – मन् – ति 
Considered one of the common and beautiful names in the Newari language, this name means memory.

3. Luniva (लूनिभा): Pronounced as: loo – ni- bha/ लू – नि – भा
This name is a counterpart to another name on this list “loojah” as both of these names mean Golden Sun. The name is made out of two words “Luu” meaning Gold and Niva meaning Sun rays.

4. Hisila (हिसिला): Pronounced as: hi – shi- la/ हि – सि – ला
One of the most popular names, the meaning of this name is “Someone who is pretty”. This popular name is cute to pronounce and has a beautiful meaning.

5. Lasata (लसता): Pronounced as: la- sa- taa/ल – स – ता
This name means Happiness. It is one of those names that has existed from olden times and is still popular till this day.

6. Bhintuna (भिन्तुना): Pronounced as: bhi – n – tu – naa / भी – न् – तु  – ना
This is one of the most popular names on this list as it means “Good Wishes”. If anyone has this name, each time they get called, they also get wished good luck. 

7. Timila (तिमिला):Pronounced as: T – me – laa / ति – मि – ला)
Timila is another one among the most popular Newari Names for Girls. This word is the short form of the phrase Tuyu Mila/तुयु मिला which means White Sky. When this phrase is shortened, it means the Moon. 

8. Loojala (लूजाला): Pronounced as: Loo – Ja – laa / लू – ज – ला
This name is literally the Female form of Joojha. Loojha means Golden Sun in Newari Language and it is a name used by males. Loojala means the same but is meant to be used by females. Alternatively, you can use Luniva as a synonym for this name.

9. Matina (मतिना): Pronounced as:ma – t – naa/ म – ति – ना
Being one of the most used words in Newari songs, this name is one of the most popular as well. This lovely name means Love.

10. Subistaa (सुबिस्ता): Pronounced as: su – b- s- taa/ सु – बि – स् – ता
This is a rare name to come across even among Newars. The name means Peaceful and the name sounds really cool and has a good meaning. Due to this name being rarely in use, this is a good one to name your future daughter as not only is it rare but also sounds unique as well.

11. Situ (सितु): Pronounced as: si – tuu /  सि – तु
Situ means Holy Grass in Newari Culture. Although this name is simple to pronounce and has a good, even spiritual meaning, it is rarely used as well. So just like Subista, this one is a good choice to name your future daughter if you want some unique names. 

12. Silu (सिलु): Pronounced as: see – loo / सि – लु
This name is historical as well as a rare one. This is the Newari name for Gosaikunda. If you did not know, Gosaikunda is a place that is both religiously significant for Newari people. There is a Movie based on this palace as well with the same name. 

13. Neeti (नीति): Pronounced as: nii – T/ नी – ति
Although a name is not that common in Newari Language, the name is slowly gaining in popularity. This name means Intention or a Plan.

14. Junu (जुनु): Pronounced as: joo – nuu / जु – नु 
This name means “someone related to the moon” and is one of the oldest names used among the Newari community. This name is one of the evergreen names for Females in the Newari Community as some version of this name has existed since olden times for example Junu Maya

15. Kriti (कृति): Pronounced as: kri – T / क् – रि – ति
This name means Creation and this is one of those words that are shared between both the Newari and Nepali Language. This is a popular name and the use of this name has grown in the past few generations.

16. Rajamati (राजमती): Pronounced as: raa -ja- ma -T/ रा – ज – म – ती
This is one of the most popular names if not the popular name in the Newari language. Having a hit movie with the same name means “Daughter of a king” or a “Princess”. While this name is not used much since the release of the movie it is a rather good name with a good meaning. 

17. Luswaa (लुंस्वाँ:): Pronounced as: lu – n – swa – n / लु – न् – स् – वा – न् 
This is one of the names that are hard to pronounce for those who are not fluent in the Newari Language due to the punctuations. Once you get over the issue of pronunciation though, it is a really good name as it means “Golden Flower

18. Reshu (रेशु): Pronounced as: rae – shu/ रे – शु
This is a name that has its origin in the Nepali Language but has been integrated into the Newari language as well. The literal meaning of this name is silky or someone who is a fragile as silk but when this word is turned into the name, it means “A delicate person

19. Lisah (लिस:): Pronounced as: li – sa- a/  लि – स – अ
Although this name sounds similar to the English name “Lisa” it is in fact a typical Newari Name. This name means Reply or Answer and is used as an opposite Nhyasa (न्ह्यस:) meaning Question. This name is perfect if you want your daughter’s name to sound foreign while sticking close to your culture and heritage

20. Yachu (यच्चु): Pronounced as: ya – ch- chu / य – च् – चु
One of the purest names in the Newari language, this name means Clean or pure. This is one of the rare names in the Newari Language however names starting with the letter “Y” are less used in general. This name sounds cool and has a great meaning as well. 

21. Khusi (खुसि): Pronounced as: khu – see/ खु – सि
Although this name sounds like and is written as the Nepali word Khushi meaning “happiness” it is not the same. It means River in Newari Language. This is one of those names that sounds like a name from a different language similar to Lisah.

22. Sichu(सिचु): Pronounced as: shi – ch- chu / सि – च् – चु
This name means Cool in the Newari language and is one of those names that is widely used but still popular. Newari people use this word quite often but regardless of how much it is used. 

23. Nheela (नील:): Pronounced as: nh – ii – la -a / न्- हि – ला
This name means Smile and it is a sweet-sounding name as well. It is however rarely used name. It is indeed a bit hard to pronounce but this just makes this name more unique and appealing. 

24. Tisa/ Teesa (तिसा): Pronounced as: T – saa /  ति – सा 
This name means Jewellery. This word is used a lot during the season of marriage and other traditional festivals. However, once this season passes, this word is used rarely. 

25. Yajju (यज्जु ): Pronunced as: ya – j – ju / य – ज् – जु
This name means Darling or Someone who is close to your heart. Yajju is a word that is used a lot in songs however it is not that common of a name as although people know this word. This is one of those typical words that sounds good and has a good meaning.

26. Kipaa (किपा): Pronounced as: ki – paa/ कि – पा
The core meaning of this name is a shadow or an image. However this word has another meaning “Picture“. When used in real life, the context of the sentence determines what this word means, shadow, image or a picture.

27. Sankipa (संकिपा): Pronounced as: sa- n – ki – paa/ स – न् – कि – पा
This is a term that is a rather recent one. This name is a short form of “sana chowngu Kipa (सना चोव्न्गु किपा:)” which means “A picture or a shadow that moves”. When this term is shortened into Sankipa, it means “movie”.

28. Pilpasa (पिलाप्सा): Pronounced as: pee – la- p – saa / – पी – ल – प् – सा
This name is the counterpart of the Male Newari name Milal and vice versa. Both of these names mean Lightning. Similar to the Male Name Milmal, this name is rarely in use because of the fear of lightning that older generations have. 

29. Dabali (डबली): Pronounced as: da – ba – li /द – ब – ली
Although this name sounds masculine, it is a name for females. This name means Stage or somewhere where the different people perform. The short version of this word is Daboo which is used more than Dabali.

30. Subhae (सुभ्या): Pronounced as: Su – bh – ya- ae /सु – भ् -य् -ए
This name means “Thank you” in Newari Language. You can hear this word often if you have across any Newari Language as it is widely used and is one of the most necessary parts of a Newari Greeting.

31. Nepa (नेपा:): Pronounced as: Ne – Pa/ ने – पा – आ
This name means Nepal. It has been used for a long time and is one of the few well-known historical names Newari Language. This name is also shared by the Newari Movie Silu from 1987.

note* When a letter ends with “:” In the Newari language, you have to pronounce that letter a bit longer.

Now at the end of this article, you may have already found a name that confused you as well as a name that you loved. This is a natural response as some of the names do sound really good and have really good meanings while being hard to pronounce and write.

This is common trouble that a lot of us face as Newari Language is one of the hardest languages to write with all of the minute punctuation marks and half letters involved. Regardless we hope that you liked this article and as always if you have any suggestions for us, do leave them down below in the comments. Along with that let us know what type of article do you want as well.

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