10 Beautiful Names for a Newborn in Tamang Community

10 Beautiful Names for a Newborn in Tamang Community

Every individual born on this earth deserves a beautiful name. When we are born, we are referred to as cute baby boy or cute baby girl or ( kali, gudiya, kale ) if you are born in a Nepali family. But we do not have our own specific identification. People call us by whatever they find suitable.

But once our name is given by our loved one, from then we are known by that name for a life long. We have our own identity. Everyone is to call us by our name. The world will know us by our name. In the Tamang community, name giving ceremony is held generally 3 days after the birth of a child.

Name giving ceremony is a tradition. We put our love, happiness, blessing, our hopes into how we want to be that person while growing up, we put our heart while naming our beloved child. According to the Tamang community, the name is given by Lama Gurus according to the Zodiac sign. Each name given has its own uniqueness and special meaning.

10 beautiful names of new born baby girl in Tamang community:

Tamang community- baby girl name

Girls are always cute and lovable….Don’t you agree? So some of the cute and beautiful names of a girl according to Tamang culture are:

10 beautiful names of new born baby boy in Tamang community:

Some of the unique and most amazing names of boys according to Tamang’s culture are:


Tamang community-baby name

These all are the most beautiful names used in the Tamang community. All names have their own meaning and carry significance. It is believed the name of a person determines the character of that person and how that person is going to be in future. Giving a proper name with good meaning is very important, for our names gives us confidence. Hence, we should be very careful and in a good spirit while naming our beloved ones.

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