15 Cute And Beautiful Magar Names

15 Cute And Beautiful Magar Names

Do you want to give your baby a Magar name but you don’t know any, then you have come to the right place? since in the Magar community people doesn’t usually give their babies a name that is Magar and they just give their baby a normal name so even you want to give your baby a proper magar name you may not know any. There are really pretty magar names which you may have never heard of which you can name your baby with.

List of Magar Names

Here in “Nepali names” we will provide with you 15 names for your baby with their meanings so that your baby can have a proper name that is authentic magar just like you want.

8 Magar Names for Boys

magar names for a boy

7 Magar Names for Girls

magar names for a girl


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Magar language is a rarely spoken language. Only some people within the community uses this language in their daily life. Due to this reason, we can rarely see any names that is magar used and they are really hard to pronounce also. But here we have collected some really pretty names that are magar with a beautiful meaning.  Hope this was helpful to you and you have found some pretty names you like for your baby. Have a good day!


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