5 Fascinating Traits of Names That Start With F

5 Fascinating Traits of Names That Start With F

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Try saying this 5 times quickly. While this letter is used fairly less when compared to giants like the letter “a” and “e”, you should note that this is a consonant and not a vowel. That being said, this letter does have some special traits.

One of the more obvious ones is that when you pronounce this letter it makes a breathing sound. This is one of the specialties of this letter. There are very few letters whose sounds we can make without pronouncing the letter. Letter F and H are some of these letters and unless one is wise and is constantly comprehending things subconsciously, they don’t really notice these things. This wisdom is one of the special traits of those with names that start with F. But what does it mean?

What does Letter F mean?

5 Fascinating Traits of Names That Start With F

This means that the essence of Letter F is internal Wisdom. Those who have names starting with the letter F are constantly comprehending things without being aware of them. Due to this, they know things that other people usually can’t perceive. It’s also due to this very trait of theirs that they have developed certain traits, most of which are related to defending and nurturing others.

If you are constantly comprehending things, you tend to notice when people are being dishonest and can feel the vibe of their intentions. You won’t be able to put those feelings into words but you get attracted or repelled by some people regardless of how they behave. This is your intuition and is a trait shared by all those who have names starting with the letter F

Personnality Traits of names that start with F

As we just mentioned, people who have names that start with F have some traits. While these traits are not specific to the ones with names that start with F. These people are innately wise which makes them extremely righteous. The following are some more of the common traits that can be found in people with names starring from the letter F.

Short Tempered

These people are some of the most short-tempered ones. While they are not angry people nor the ones who hold grudges, these tend to get annoyed easily and often burst out. But that being said people whose names start with F are not easy to anger despite being short-tempered. Their bursts of temper have a cause and the main cause for their short temper seems to be the intention of people around them.

Defender of the truth

As we mentioned people whose names start with F are short-tempered and this has a lot to do with their intolerance of the truth. If you are someone who has names that start with F, you are likely to hate lying and liars. This being said, people lie all the time so you get annoyed easily. But you seem to know this already so you often ignore small white lies. But if someone exceeds those small white lies you would do anything in your capability to defend the truth, sometimes even at a great cost. These are both good and bad traits for those who have names that start with F. 

It is innately a good trait but sometimes the urge to defend the truth can get overwhelming and push them towards a dangerous path. If you are among these, you should be careful of the distance you are willing to go to defend the truth.


5 Fascinating Traits of Names That Start With F

Being the defender of truth, finding someone whom you can trust. But once you find these people, you are loyal to the core with these people. Regardless of how they are, unless they harm you in a significant way, you won’t leave their side. Now while there is always a chance for betrayal, since you pick the loyal ones extremely carefully. Due to this, you are relatively safe from betrayal.

If you have a name that starts with F the chances are that you have a relatively small but loyal circle of friends around you who nurture each other. 


You can’t help but help people grow. If you have names that start with F, you are likely to be someone who likes to watch and aid people in their growth. If you are someone who has been doing this for a while, then the chances are you have status equal to an Elder in your circles. You are innately wise, you don’t like lies and you are loyal to the core while being extremely selective. When you combine all of these feelings you would naturally want to help people who are connected with you in their growth

If you are among these people some of you might even have names such as “Baaje” or “Guru Baa”.

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You cannot be a nurturer without being someone who is responsible for your actions. People whose names start with F tend to take the responsibility very seriously. It doesn’t matter if whether you did something good or something bad, you will take responsibility for both. This makes you someone who is worth trusting. 

That being said since you take responsibility for your mistakes as well, people can often create situations where you make mistakes if they want you to fail. This is sometimes your biggest weakness. So be careful of these people. 

Specialty of Letter F

5 Fascinating Traits of Names That Start With F

The specialty of the letter F is that it is among those few letters that the sound related to this letter can be made by just breathing.  This letter corresponds to the sixth letter of the Greek, Etruscan and Latin Alphabet known as Diggama. But that being said, it had disappeared early from Ionic and Attic Greek Dialects for quite a while until it later came into general use. 


The gist is this – those who have names starting with the letter F are wise people who are pure and have no tolerance for lies. This makes them a bit hard to get close go but once you get into their good side, you will get someone who is loyal and to the core and will nurture you as best as they can.

Hope this was entertaining for you. And as always, thank you for reading till the end. If you have any suggestions for us, do leave them down in the comments below. 

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