Susssssssss!!!!! Don’t Tell Your Nwaran Name, KEEP IT SECRET

Susssssssss!!!!! Don’t Tell Your Nwaran Name, KEEP IT SECRET

When we started having conscience and understanding what name is, is when we started asking, “why do I have two names”!!!! And when we started being curious to question why do I have two names, is when we heard this exact sentence from our parents, “Susssssssss!!!!! Don’t Tell You Nawaran Name, Keep it Secret”

Yes!!! Keep Your Nawaran Name Secret. Nwaran name is supposed to be as confidential as the question papers before the exam.

Before getting to the answer, first, let us learn What Nawaran is!!!

So, What is Nwaran? 

Susssssssss!!!!! Don’t Tell You Nwaran Name, KEEP IT SECRET

Nwaran simply is a name-giving ceremony for the newborn baby in the Hindu community. 

The word ’Nawaran’ is simple to pronounce, isn’t it? But the process to be followed during this name-giving ceremony is complicated and varies a bit according to region. All the Hindu children are named through this process. A newborn baby is given a name by analyzing the birth date, day, and position of stars. Thus, the given name is called Nawaran name and the nawaran name is supposed to be kept secret. 

Just like in Harry Potter, how Voldemort’s name cannot be called or revealed, in the same way, our Nwaran name cannot be revealed. 


You will know it soon. Keep patience. 

Before learning why should name given during Nwaran be kept secret, let’s learn when and how the Nawaran name is used. 

When do we use the Nwaran Name?

Susssssssss!!!!! Don’t Tell You Nwaran Name, KEEP IT SECRET

The name given during Nwaran is very important. If you belong to the Hindu family, you must be aware of its usability and importance. Your Nwaran name is required from your first fed solid foods (Anna Prasasan), Bratabandha all the way to your marriage and even in and after death.

As long as you are alive, your Nwaran name is important. Your Nawaran name is the secret that will be buried or burned together with your dead body. 

A name you were given when you were born and the name with the aid of which your death ritual will be completed, Quite sacred and spiritual, isn’t it? It is. 

 How do we use the Nwaran name?

Susssssssss!!!!! Don’t Tell You Nwaran Name, KEEP IT SECRET

UMMMMMM!!!!!!! The answer is that you can’t use the Nwaran name in anything unless you have the knowledge of astrology. Yes!!!! To be able to use this name, you need to have knowledge of astrology. If you know the basics of how to see the astrological chart, you can more or less use this in some form of way.

The name given during Nwaran is used by Pandit or Pujari. They are the one who makes use of your Nwaran name and predicts your future and helps to do the required Puja for your well-being. 

It is believed that one can know everything about you, your personality, and your future just from your Nwaran name. Sounds Superstitious? But this is the accepted belief. 

Why should we keep our Nwaran name secret?

Susssssssss!!!!! Don’t Tell You Nwaran Name, KEEP IT SECRET

Now, finally, we are here at our main topic. So, why keep our Nwaran name secret? 

Let’s reveal the secret of why Nwaran name should be kept secret.

It is believed that, just by knowing your Nwaran name, an individual with the knowledge of astrology, who has a grudge towards you can manipulate you in a wrong way. He or she can do harm to you. It might sound unbelievable but it is a strong belief of people.

Leaving astrology and the magical spiritual realm aside for a while, let’s get a bit logical, shall we?

Our Nwaran name reveals information about us like our birth date, our horoscope, our birthday, and in summary, every information related to our birth. Combine that with a bit of evil intention, some information gathering skills, and even with just the basic knowledge of how this name works, one can easily figure out information about your phone calls, health records, and credit card information.

You don’t want to be an open book in front of a random person, or do you? So for a privacy purposes either, you should keep your Nwaran name secret.

If just by keeping your Nwaran name secret, your parents will be happy and you will be safe and sound from witchcraft and sorcery then why not keep it secret? Hmmmmm? It’s not that hard or is it?

So, my friend!!! do what you are asked. Keep it secret.

Your parents will be happy. And you will be happy. By keeping your Nwaran name secret, you will be preserving Nepalese culture and tradition either.

There is no harm in keeping your Nawaran name secret. Yes?

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