15 Nepali Nicknames to Call Your Husband

15 Nepali Nicknames to Call Your Husband

You keep Nicknames only for the things you dearly love.

When you love someone, even a small gesture of care and notion from the heart makes it worthwhile. And to add the flavor of love between each other, Nicknames for your Significant other play a big role.

‘Nicknames to call your Husband’ are the names of love that can spark some magical moments between you and your husband.

What would you call your husband? Be it while teasing, loving, or fighting, you will fall deeper in love with him. Here are some listed ones that play the same valuable feel to it.

Nepali Nicknames to Call Your Husband

1. Buda

Calling Husband with the slang Nepali Word has the kick that no other word gives. BUDA comes from the deepest corner of the heart.

2. Baba

The reflection of their father figure is said to be what the girl looks for in her husband. BABA is also a term to call their child’s Father. Hence the name.

3. Jaan 

Who is the life for you? The one you love. So assuming that lucky one is your husband, he is your JAAN.

4. Darling

Darling is the English term for flirtation and love. It just screams out the love with the simple utterance of this word.

5. Pati Parmeshwor

This one carries a heavyweight of love and deep respect. From calling out as the god of their heart to teasing in a lovely way, you can use it for any purpose and it just settles with perfection.

6. Kanchu

Male need love and caress. They beg for it, bold headed as they might be, they still want to be treated like a little boy. So go for this one if you are in for teasing love.

7. Janu

Janu suggests the love and life of the dear one. The word itself explains how much it means to the user.

8. Papa

Calling him daddy with naughtiness is what Papa suggests. But in common terms, he is the Papa of your child so it just sticks that he is the papa of the house.

9. Kalu

No discrimination of color is suggested here. It just speaks the love in typical Nepali term for a cutie Kaley.

10. Kale

You can use the name Kale for anyone with disregard to their skin tone. Love doesn’t stay within a boundary. You can love with 1000 different ways every day.

11. Raja

In regarding your husband as your king. He loves you pure and with all his heart. So the title of the King is well deserved with these kinds of Nicknames.

12. Mero Hajur

It points that you are calling your dear one. But with its use, your husband will always feel how much love you are dedicating with this simple term.

13. Pati dev

Simply calling your husband a Pati is what this name does. But with that addition of Dev, it holds so much meaning, pointing that he is the greatest for you and he is the figure that lives in your heart.

14. Mero Raja

My King is what you technically say with this name. Clearly says it all with how much love and feeling it is mixed up with.

15. Mayalu

Mayalu says that you love this person and says everything about love with care and dedication that you can use it as a hack to win any arguments too.

Before You Name Your Husband

The Nicknames that have been mentioned here are some of the lovely nicknames that are common and fulfilling for lovers. Explaining your love for your significant other is important. But, struggling with the ‘how’, is quite common.

Nicknames to call your husband

That is why the lovely nicknames are there for us. It carries what we are trying to say with simple names that mean much more than their meanings. And when used in reference to the one you love, It gets magical.

You might have a special nickname for your husband, that carries special meaning for you. If you thought out of the box and gave one for him then why not share it with us? Expression and sharing love stories are always the best.

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