25 Exciting Nicknames for Father in Nepali

Are you searching the nicknames for father in Nepali? If yes come onboard and read this article till end.

How about giving nicknames for father which would reflect his personality that strengthen the bond with your father with a more personal touch. Having the freedom of choice to call your father with different names is lateral in the sense that it will open the avenue to introduce a relationship of varying proportions-for instance your father can be your friend, idol, your guru, and many more.

And you might ask why go in length to list nicknames for father? Well, just so that we find a common ground to relate to shared relation and interaction with our father and get some ideas in giving them fun and interesting nicknames.

So how about we take a sneak peek at the nicknames for father and decide on giving him one?

Nicknames for Father in Nepali

1. Buwa

Buwa is the most common name to call your father. This name is the formal way of representing your father as a guardian figure.

2. Baba

Baba is probably the word every father would like to hear from a toddler. As it is easier for babies to pronounce, every father dream of ‘Baba’ to be the first word their babies to utter. And it sticks with not just sweet memory but as a name to call your father.

3. Ba

The word ‘Ba’ feels so rooted and grounded in the Nepali way of calling your father. Just thinking about the phrase ‘Ae Ba Jhattai Ghara Aaunu Re’ which would resonate in the mountains can give anybody a sweet dose of nostalgia.

4. Aapa

The Aapa is a Tibetean name to call out your father. If you want to call your father differently which would be similar as calling as Ba or Buwa, try calling him Aapa.

5. Papa / Papa Ji

Just like calling your father as Baba, Papa or Papa ji is another similar sounding nickname to call your father.

. Kaji Ba

If your father is a funny guy who can take humour righhtly, call him ‘Kaji Ba’ just to be cheeky with him.

7. Babai

‘Hare Babai maile sakina’. Just call him out if you want to get rid of his weird and bad habits.

8. Sarkaar

Just like calling out a Royalty, call him out ‘Sarkar’. Start a light hearted conversation with your father and give him that grandiose sense of pride, watch how he would react.

9. Dad / Daddy

Call him Dad or Daddy which is equivalent of calling Buwa or Ba in Nepali.

10. Dai

Somebody prefer calling their father ‘Dai’. If your father is too casual and friendly with you just like your brother, call him Dai.

11. Dada

Another alternative and sweet name which sounds just like Baba.

12. Pops / Pop Pop

This nickname is borrowed from the western world. It is a sweet and easy nickname to call your father.

13. Chief

Just like the high ranking official in Army or Police, call your father ‘Chief’. Just salute him for no reason banging your foot hard on the ground to flirt with him.

14. Boss

Call him ‘Boss’ and act as a meek if you want to persuade him or ask him for a favor.

15. Papi

Papi is a cute nickname you can give your father which is of Spanish origin.

16. Padre

The Padre is another Spanish origin name that means the Holy Priest. If you want to put your father on the pedestal of Holiness, call him Padre.

17. Hey Yo Buddy

If your father is a way cool and casual person just like your friend, call him ‘Hey Yo Buddy’.

18. Big Boss

If your father’s bossiness matches the alpha male instincts, call him the ‘Big Boss’.

19. Baba Ji / Babu Ji

Adding ‘Ji’ at the last just makes the name sound respectable. Call him Baba Ji with utmost respect.

20. Bauji

Bauji is another sweet nickname which is the short form of Babu Ji.

21. Einstein

If his intelligence overpowers you and make you wonder, call him Einstein.

22. Sporty

If your father is a trendy, fashionable and health conscious dude, call him Sporty.

23. Warden / Hitler Dad

Call him Warden or Hitler Dad if he is too Bossy and authoritative.

24. Guru / Sensei

Call him your Guru/Sensei if he is the biggest teacher in your life than anybody.

25. Aye Captain

Now if you are sailing with your father in a candid, casual, and cool relationship, hand him the sail, call him ‘Aye Captain‘ and brace for the journey.

Ending Thoughts

There goes the lists of nicknames for father in Nepali.

You can just pick any suitable name to call out your father. As the relationship with your father can be more than just a guardian figure, why stick with just the common formal nicknames for father. Seek the names which would best describe your relationship with your father, or describe his certain traits and personality, and if you did find one from our list we are more than happy. Just let us know in the comment section, or share the names which are not on the list which you use often to call your father.

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