Nepali Names for Insects - 32 Basic Bugs that Bug Us!

Nepali Names for Insects – 32 Basic Bugs that Bug Us!

Regardless of how beautiful and useful some bugs maybe, a lot of us are bugged by these small critters.

Yes, we are talking about insects. Some of them are cute, some of them are helpful but most of them make our skin crawl. But do you know what they are called? Or to be more specific, do know the Nepali names of insects that bug us?

Are you curious about them? Well, you should be as it is something that might just save you some pain and some itches as well.

Besides, a lot of Nepali are don’t know English all that well. So without any further ado, let’s get started.

Nepali Names for Insects Along with their English Counterparts

Nepali Names for Insects - 32 Basic Bugs that Bug Us!

Since we are Nepali, we all know a few Nepali names for insects. For example, we know that an Ant is called “kamila” and a housefly is called “Jhinga”. But do you know what a Mite is called? Or how about a Locust?

Well if you want to know, check out the table Below

English Names for InsectsNepali Names for Insects
AntKamila (कमिला)
Bed BugUdhush (उधुश)
BeeMahuri/Mauri (माहुरी/ मौरी)
ButterflyPutali (पुतली)
CaterpillarJhusil Kira (झुसिल किरा)
Centipede Kansulo (कन्सुलो)
CockroachSanglo (संग्लो)
Dragon FlyGaine Kira (गाइने किरा)
Dung BeetleGobre (गोब्रे)
EarthwormGadeula (गदेउला)
FleaUpia (उपिया)
Fly Makha (माखा)
Glow Worm/FireFlyJun Kiri (जुन किरि)
Gnat Bhusuna (भुसुना)
GrasshopperPhatyangra (फट्यांग्रा)
HornetAringal (अरिंगाल)
House FlyJhinga (झिंगा)
LeechJuka (जुका)
LocustSalah (सलाह)
LouseJumra (जुम्रा)
MayflyGham Kira (घाम किरा)
Mite Sunsule (सुन्सुले)
Mite InsectsSunsule Kira (सुन्सुले किरा)
MosquitoLamkhutte (लामखुट्टे)
MothPatanga (पतंग)
PhasmatodeaKaat Kira (काट किरा)
ScorpianBichhi (बिछी)
Silk WormReshami Kira (रेशमी किरा)
SnailShankhe Kira (शंखे किरा)
Spider Makura (माकुरा)
TermiteDhamira (धमिरा)
TickKinro (किन्रो)


Nepali Names for Insects - 32 Basic Bugs that Bug Us!

As you may have guessed, the insects that we have mentioned here are by far not all insects. But the Nepali Names of Insects that we have mentioned here are indeed some of the more common ones. That being said, we don’t have Nepali names for insects that exist. There are a lot of insects that we call by names. These insects are usually the ones that were either discovered late or not common in Nepal.

How many of these names were you familiar with? If you have any suggestions let us know in the comments below. And as always, thank you for reading till the end.

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