30 Cute and Funny Nickname for Brother In Nepali

30 Cute and Funny Nickname for Brother In Nepali

As cheeky and mischievous as they can be, and if you are scavenging the nickname for brother in Nepali, then you have hit the right spot.

The relationship you have with your brother is always special such that you tend to follow your elder brother and pamper the younger one with much love. Even if you have differences and never seem to get along with each other, you will always have a funny way of bonding and interacting with each other. One such way is the way of giving a nickname for brother which would strengthen the bonding and interaction more meaningful.

For instance, the nickname ‘Daade’ or ‘Chhucho’ speaks at length about the relationship and interaction you are having with your brother or in any other context represent his personality trait.

Taking all notes and experiences, we have come up with a list of nicknames for brothers in Nepali. So without further ado, let’s get on with the lists of nicknames for brothers.

Lists of Cute Nickname for Brother In Nepali

1. Bhai

‘Bhai’ is the common nickname Nepali use to call their brother.

2. Dai

‘Dai’ translates as Older Brother is English.

3. Dada/ Dada Hajur

Call him Dada/Dada Hajur with much love, respect and care.

4. Babu

Another cute alternative other than bhai to call your younger brother is calling him ‘Babu’.

5. Sanu Bhai

When you pamper your younger brother or in other instances if you want to get things done, call him Sanu Bhai with love.

6. Sanu

‘Sanu’ is the a firm and lovely nickname to show your younger brother with utmost love and care.

7. Thul Dai / Maila Dai / Saila Dai

You can simply add the relationship name and call out your brothers.

8. Aale

‘Aale’ is a Tamang word which represents Brother.

9. Maya

‘Maya’ translates as Love. Call your brother Maya to reinforce your love towards your brother.

10. Pyaro

Pyaro translates as Lovely. Just like you see a Rose flower and astonished by it’s beauty and can’t help calling it a lovely thing, call your brother Pyaro and pamper him with love.

11. Rasgulla

If you can’t resist the sweetness and Juiciness of your brother call him ‘Rasgulla’.

12. Laddu

If he is as sweet as laddu and you can’t resist to pull his puffy cheeks, call him ‘Laddu’.

13. Mutu

Mutu is another nickname for brother in Nepali which symbolizes love.

14. Gyani

You call your younger brother Gyani to make him more agreeable. Say for instance, if he hyperactive and making a mess, call him he is a ‘Gyani’ boy and all others are Badmaas.

15. Daiba / Gau Prani

If you can;t get over with the gentle and kind attitude of your brother call him ‘Daiba/Gau Prani’.

16. Hira

If he is a one in a million treasure who is the most valuable thing in your life, call him Hira.

17. Chhunu Munu

This is the epitome of the pampering word. You can call him ‘Chhunu Munu’ and while calling it try resisting to pull his cheeks; can you?

Lists of Funny Nicknames for Brother

18. Badmaaas

Badmaas is the Antonym of Gyani. If you feel irritated and can’t get him to settle down or agree with you, call him ‘Badmaas’.

18. Daade / Lobi / Lobi ko Bhado

If he is cunning and unwilling to share things with you, call him Daade/lobi.

19. Chhucho

If he is mean to you and can’t be any agreeable call him ‘Chhucho’.

20. KetaKati / KetKeti

This is a fun name to call out your brother either with a little bit of smug or cheekiness. Calling your brother KetKeti is bound to get you reaction from your brother and he will in most instances try to defend himself.

21. Ban Jhakri

Ban Jhakri is a typical nickname for brother in Nepali. If he is elusive, reserved, and has messy hair-you can call him ‘Ban Khakri’.

22. Jagalte/Baba Ji

This is the most common nickname you can give to your brother regarding his appearance. If he has long hair, you can call him ‘Jagalte’ or Baba Ji.

23. Chyase

If your brother is thin like a straw-well figuratively, call him ‘Chyase’.

24. Hadi Ghopte

Now, this nickname is quite unique and funny. If your brother is a useless fellow most of the time just like the Nepali pot ‘Hadi’ which is used once in a while, call him ‘Hadi Ghopte’.

25. Banchare

If you can’t resist his rant and silly tantrums, call him ‘Banchare aba Chup Lag’ which can be similar as ‘Shut the **** up’.

26. Tubelight

Call him Tubelight if he is too lazy or is too slow to catch up at certain context and conversations.

27. Chuche / Thepche / Motu / Patlu / Golu / Golumolu

If you want to name him as per his physical attributes, consider these names.

28. Goru / Kukur / Gadha

If your brother being utterky ridiculous and a nuisance, call him these names to reinforce him that he resembles primal animalistic characters.

29. Dalle Bhunte

You can’t resist the cuteness of your younger brother. Call him ‘Dalle Bhunte’ if he is being cute and cheeky.

30. Kale Moro

‘Oye Kaale Moro’. Call him out Kaale Moro to lighten the mood and conversations.

31. Hissi / Hissi Pareko / Hissi Moro

Hissi is another cute nickname for brother in Nepali. If you can’t get over his bright smiling face which would always lighten your mood, call him Hissi/Hissi Pareko/ Hissi Moro.

Ending Thoughts

Finally, these are the lists of nicknames for brothers in Nepali. Now, if you like to recommend us the nicknames other than in our list, do not forget to mention in the comment section. We are always hungry for your response and value your interaction.

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