61 Offensive Names You Should Never Use

61 Offensive Names You Should Never Use

Languages around the world have words, phrases, and behaviors that are shunned in public discussion. These taboos are regarded as offensive or upsetting to the ethical or moral values of society.

As language evolves, so do many obscene words that rise from it. Many offensive names and Nepali phrases are ingrained in racist, sexist, or commonly offensive language.

However, people intentionally use these verbally restricted terms and other language constructs to make hurtful, slanderous, and filthy comments.

The very nature of the topic impels this article to include offensive names so in case someone finds them objectionable, we apologize in advance.

Offensive Names

Some actions and expressions are not considered normal in Nepali society but may be normal in other societies.

For example, asking a person’s age is normal in our culture due to its honorific practice. In contrast, asking a person’s age isn’t considered normal in Western culture. Similarly, touching a book with feet is fine in Western society while it is looked at as an immoral action in Nepali society.

Likewise, as compared to western culture, diverse animal names are used more often for personal insults in different Nepali dialects. Most of the Nepali terms can be used as the offensive names

For example, the sentence ta kukur hos (you are a dog) does not have any ignoble linguistic taboo, yet it is offensive names when used in a different case.

So how can offensive names be insulting sometimes … but not always?

Well, calling the animals by their appropriate names is not a slur. But, it is considered rude and insulting when targeted toward a human being. In other words, it is also known as a dehumanizing language -language that deprives a person of human qualities or attributes.

Another example is – the term bhalu had just a sole meaning yesterday. i. e an animal bear. However, nowadays it also means a prostitute in an offensive context. Similarly, a monkey or ape (baadar) is considered offensive names or terms when used to describe a person of color or a person with a certain facial structure.

In another case, the word Bahun can be used as an insulting comment directly alluding to the stereotype of greediness associated with people belonging to the Brahmin caste.

If it’s not directly racist, it might be considered classist and rude at the very least.

Offensive Names

Body Part, Race, Relation, Sex, and Vulgar are the top categories that contained a higher proportion of absolute taboos in Nepali culture. Whereas, Action, Cloth, Animal, Death, Geographic Location, Plant, Politics, Religion, and Weapon, Politics have very few taboo terms.

Though, there are a few outright offensive terms in these categories which open the door for some words to be both derogatory and not derogatory, depending on who is using them or when.

In this article, very hateful words are omitted, although, below is the list of some offensive names (Nepali words) that should not have been originated in the first place. But they do.

So, continue reading the article to understand which terms you SHOULD NOT use, or to know whether someone has just offended you or not.

1. Aaimai

Offensive names
Gossiping women

The word “Aimai” might create an emotional impact on people meaning that the person being called so is a gossiper and a judgemental person. Using such kind of word might let people lose their confidence.

2. Aatankabadhi

“Atankabadhi” is generally used to call the person involved in war. Since this word uplifts the violence in a person’s mind, it might not be preferable.

Offensive names
Terrorist representation

3. Baaulah

Denoting somebody’s identity as per their illness is unpreferable. The word “Boulah” is one of its example since this word describes the mental illness of a person.

Offensive names
A mad expression

4. Bahun

There is a sarcasm in our society that considers brahmins as greedy people. Using the word “Bahun” inappropriately might degrade the status of a particular community so it is better not to use it that way.

Offensive names
Historical Brahmins in Puja

5. Bakhri

A flirtatious woman is understood as Bakhri. These offensive names treats woman as an animal.

6. Bhataure

A person who is greedy for food and arrives anywhere right on time of eating.

7. Bhaisi

Bhaisi is the Nepali name for buffalo. This word is also used as a basic term supportive to fat-shaming. It triggers the self-esteem of the intended person in a negative way.

Offensive names

8. Bhate

Bhate denotes the inability of meeting the expectations with regards to what the person was waged for.

offensive names
A man hungry for money

9. Bheda

The word Bheda is the Nepali name for sheep, but when this word gets used to denote human beings, it points out the dull and powerless nature.

Offensive names
A herd of Sheep

10. Bhele

An individual from the Madhesi Community. It is a term that represents a tone of discrimination with race.

11. Bhaiya dai

Offensive names
A man Selling Pani Puri

A male worker from Madhesi Community. Stereotyped with Bhaiya for the people like Vegetable seller, Pani Puri seller, etc. It is a simple language-based word but can be offensive names when used in a random way to address an individual.

12. Bhudey

The word describes a big-bellied person which is actually considered to be supporting fat shaming. This word can be a bully.

13. Bitch

A female dog is bitch, means the lady version of a dog and a slut too. It is not a fair word to be used since it denotes somebody’s bad side of personality and creates a toll of harassment.

14. Boka

A person having a flirty personality is called by the name “Boka”. It creates impact on ruining somebody’s personality denoting the person to be a playboy.

15. Boksi

offensive names

“Boksi” is the Nepali name for witch that denotes a female with evil black power. People try to maintain distance with a woman considering the fake myth of them being witches and this is actually inhumane.

16. Chandalni

Chandalni represents a personality in females that reflects greedy and jealous behaviour. This shows disrespect to a person and establishes the base for conflict with the other person.

17. Chor

offensive names

Chor is the nepali name for a thief. Using this word to denote innocent people might create mental issues for the innocent person and might even stand as the reason for conflict.

18. Chudel

offensive names

Chudel is the nepali name denoting female ghost. Using this name to denote a woman might not be considered to be well since it degrades the other person’s image in the society.

19. Daley

offensive names

Daley is the word that introduces a broker. it is offensive to use it because it denotes that the person interferes in others matters and works as the middleman.

20. Damai

offensive names

The word carrying the name of a caste in nepal “damai” symbolizes the inequality prevailing in the society. It symbolizes social disharmony and discrimination.

21. Damini

“Damini” denotes the name given for women belonging to the so-called lower caste background. This word is an offensive names category word to be used anywhere since it’s use might give a rise to social injustice and inequality.

22. Dhoti

“Dhoti” is a word used to troll and bully somebody belonging to the Madhesi background. This word sets cultural boundaries for people’s introduction and it actually creates inequality among people because of their race and cultural background.

23. Gadha

offensive names

Gadha is a nepali name for donkey that is often used offensively in case of humans. It is used to state that a person is dull and a fool by nature but it is actually inappropriate judgement to someone.

24. Gandu

Gandu is a Nepali word for the term “gay”. This word shows the disrespectful attribute presented towards the homosexual group which is actually very offensive.

25. Ghaite

Ghaite is a word that gives rise to the act of body shaming since it is associated with a person with big belly . This is a word that shows judgement about people’s appearance.

26. Ghamandi

An arrogant individual who is very selfish and proud about nothing special but still shows arrogance.

27. Ghyampe

Ghyampe holds the meaning of someone being too huge. When a person is tagged with this name, it makes their self confidence lacking enough just because of having doubts on their own appearance.

28. Goru

offensive names

Goru is a word that states somebody’s inability of being useful. Though this is a Nepali name for ox, it is used offensively to bully someone inappropriately.

29. Gu

Offensive Names

Gu is a Nepali word that explains the excreta of humans. But the plus point here is that the word isn’t showing any biological aspects but is trying to show negative vibe among people.

30. Gwache

The word “Gwache” is an inappropriate term used to denote somebody’s naive nature. It affects the other person’s confidence and self respect.

31. Hijada

Hijada is word used to describe homosexuality but the reason that makes it offensive is the sarcastic and disrespectful description of homosexuality given by this name.

32. Jadiya

Offensive names
An Alcoholic

Jadiya is a Nepali term for the word Alcoholic. This word isn’t much systemized and respectful so it might not be appropriate to used it for introducing people.

33. Jatha

Referencing the public hair as being useless and dirty. Calling someone with the word can certainly refer to these as offensive names.

34. Kale

A dark skinned male who is discriminated for the skin tone of his skin. A nickname given to the individual to make fun of them.

35. Kami

A caste class in Nepal, who are discriminated as untouchable and lower class people due to their work affiliation.

36. Kandane

Kandane is a person who is reckless and unpredictable. This word gives the description about a double faced person who gossips about others.

37. Kera

A reference to a man’s genitalia. It is used to exclaim something in anger and harassing tone.

38. Khate

A homeless person. Living on the streets as riffraff and collecting waste plastics to earn some dime. It is their state to live in that way, so using the term to call someone can be coined as offensive names.

39. Khusket

A mentally ill person, who makes rash decisions and lands on some random one.

40. Kukurni

offensive names

Pointed to a female who is very careless. It is used to shout and harass females during fights. This word simply means bitch in English language and is a vulnerable word used for starting quarrels.

41. Lati

A foolish female in Nepal is termed as Lati. This word describes someone’s dullness and introverted nature as a part of sarcasm.

42. Lobi

A greedy person is termed as Lobi in Nepal. Lobi is a word that is used negatively to affect other’s feelings in a way that harms their mentality.

43. Lwath

A very foolish person is the English meaning of the word lwath. This is a term denoting somebody’s innocent nature in a negative way to get them down.

44. Maal

A slang used to tease females. It can be considered as a gender shaming term and a form of disrespect for women as well. This word makes people feel low just for their gender originality which is actually from the list of offensive names.

45. Mandhabudhi

A person whose mind is slow and is not clever in understanding. This word negatively makes fun of innocence naming it as foolishness. It is nobody’s fault to not understand things and criticizing such act is offensive.

46. Maranchyashe

Offensive names
A thin model

A very thin person. Maranchayase actually points out the several aspect of body shaming. It can be termed as skinny body Shaming in English language.

47. Mula

offensive names

A useless and worthless thing. Mula is a Nepali name for radish but when used for humans, its meaning gets too offensive names since people cannot be called worthless for no reason.

48. Nigga

Offensive names
Dark Skin Art

A black person. Nigga is a word that offensively gives rise to racism and creates violence related acts.

49. Nigger

A black person. This word holds the meaning of the black race and uses it in a sarcastic yet negative way that stands as offensive names.

50. Pagal

A mentally retarded person. This word demoralises the identity of a person who has been through some mental illness. This creates an unequal environment for such people.

51. Pakhe

A villager who cannot keep up with the modern trend. This word creates embarrassment among the one who has just travelled to the city area from the village area.

52. Pode

Offensive names
A worker cleaning Sewage

A cleaner who cleans sewage. Every works should be respected but the word like this creates negative impression towards the one who belongs to this profession and even disrespects somebody’s hardwork.

53. Pothi

A male who listens to females more than their own mindset is harassed with the term Pothi.

54. Saape

offensive names

An individual who is paralyzed and cannot move by themselves. This word is used by the one who does not respect somebody’s different ability. Such kind of word shamefully dominates the differently abled people.

55. Sale

A slang word used to degrade a level of a person with harassing tone of voice. This word is a major term used to begin violence and it harms people’s manifestation.

56. Suddo

Offensive names
An old man

An old man. This term explains somebody’s old age in a sarcastic yet a negative way and disrespects the old aged people.

57. Tharki

A greedy person who only does things in a selfish way.

58. Thees

A mentally retarded person. Thees is a word with a negative energy that disrespects people’s silence or innonce. It explains somebody’s foolishness in a way that is offensive.

59. Thelawala

Offensive names
Thela Shopkeeper

A Seller who sales things in a Cart (Thela). This word is used to drag people’s image just by demoralising their occupation. It creates disrespect over somebody’s occupation.

60. Tori

A useless personality who makes a mess of things. This word is used to describe people’s character that is frank and outgoing but is used negatively to scold others.

61. Tyape

offensive names
An addict

The out of bound youths who are supposedly a rebel and try to disorganize whatever they can get their hands on.

We have made this collective list of names because people must understand to know when someone has crossed a certain line of mockery or rudeness.

offensive names

Furthermore, they don’t reflect the views of the authors here in any way. Our main goal is to build a foundation to stop hate speech and discrimination because when we refer ( with these offensive names) to an entire race of people or animals by their perceived behavior, we are trivializing their existence and culture.

And with all the anonymity through the internet and social media, the behavior to use this offensive language has provided more strength and is having a far-reaching and determinative impact.

So, we should stop this right now because this behavior is downright disgusting and start using proper terms.

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