67 Nepali Names for Trees - Weird and Wonderful Names!

67 Nepali Names for Trees - Weird and Wonderful Names!

Nepal is a country of Forests!

At least that is what a lot of us have grown up reading. And considering that around 37 percent of the total area is covered by forest with another 15 percentage that has a wide possibility to become either forests or pasture lands, we can say that Nepal is indeed a country of forests.

Considering that we have 35 types of forests, it is safe to assume that Nepal has a wide variety of trees that make these forests. But how many of these do you know? Or better yet, how many Nepali Names for trees do you know?

We all know a few trees, like Peepal, Sal, and Baans. But did you know that we also have a type of tree named Jhingat? Or how about Nigalo (yes this is a genuine tree whose scientific name is Arundinaria falcata)?

Nepali Names for Trees

Do you want to learn more about these Nepali names for trees? Well learning these names are good for general knowledge. Along with that some of them are quite funny and unique as well so why not give it a look? Who knows, you may even find out that

67 Nepali Names for Trees - Weird and Wonderful Names!
Nepali Names for TreesScientific Name for Trees
Baans (बाँस) Dendrocalamu spps.
Babul (बाबुल) Acacia Nilotica
Badhar (बढार) Artocarpus lakoocha
Bains (बैंस) Salix babylonica
Banjhi (बाँझी) Anogesius Latifolia
Bel (बेल) Aegle Marmelos
Bhimsenpati (भिम्सेंपति) Buddleja asiatica
Bhusure (भुसुरे) Leucosceptrum canum
Bohori (बोहोरी) Cordia dichotoma
Champ (चांप) Michelia champaca
Chhatiwan (चत्तिवन) Alstonia Scholaris
Chilaune (चिलाउने) Schima wallichi
Chiuri (चिउरी) Aesendra Butyraceae
Chutro (चुत्रो) Berberis aristata
Dalchini (दालचिनी) Cinnamomum tamala
Dhale Katus (ढले कटुस) Castanopsis indica
Gayo (गयो) Bridelia retusa
Ghurmiso (घुर्मिसो) Leucosceptrum canum
Gobre Salla (गोब्रे सल्ला) Pinus wallichiana, Abies pindrow
Gogan (गोगन) Saurauria napaulensis
Gulmohar (गुलमोहर) Delonix regia
Hallongre (हम्मोंग्रे) Lannea coromandelica
Hattibar (हत्तिबर) Agave Spps.
Jhingat (झिन्गत) Lannea coromandelica
Juniper (जुनिपेर) Juniperus indica
Kadam (कदम) Anthocephalus chinesis
Kalo Chuletro (कालो चुलेत्रो) Brassaiopsis glomerulata
Kalo Siris (कालो सिरिस) Albizia lebbeck
Kandaa (काँडा) Caesalpinia bonduc
Kapur (कानपुर) Cinnamomum camphora
Karma (कर्म) Adina Cordifolia
Katahar (कटहर) Artocarpus Heterophyllus
Khair (खैर) Acacia Catechu
Koiralo (कोइरालो) Bauhinia variegate
Lankuri (लंकुरी) Fraxinus floribunda
Lapsi (लप्सी) Choerospondias axillaris
Lokta (लोक्ता) Daphne Bholua
Malu (मालु) Bauhinia Vahlii
Musure Katus (मुसुरे कटुस) Castanopsis tribuloides
Nariwal (नरिवल) Coccus Nucifera
Neem (नीम)Azadirachta indica
Nigalo (निगालो) Arundinaria falcata
Okhar (ओखर) Juglans regia
Painyu (पैन्यु) Prunus Cerasoids
Papaya (पपय) Carica papaya
Patle Katus (पातले कटुस) Castanopsis Hystrix
Phirphire (फिरफिरे) Acer oblongum
Pipla (पिपला) Exbucklandia Populnea
Puwanle (पुवनए) Ilex Excelsa
Rakchan (रक्चन) Daphniphyllum himalense
Rani Salla (रानी सल्ला) Pinus roxburghii
Sajiwan (सजीवन) Jatropha Curcus
Sal (साल) Shorea robusta
Sarifa (सरिफा) Annona squamosal
Satisal (सतिसाल) Dalbergia latifolia
Seto Chuletro (सेतो चुलेत्रो) Brassaiopsis hainla
Seto Siris (सेतो सिरिस) Albizia procera
Simal (सिमल) Bombax ceiba
Sissoo (सिस्सू) Dalbergia sissoo
Sitaphal (सिताफल) Annona Squamosal
Supadi (सुपाडी)Areca catechu
Talispatra (तलिस्पत्र) Abies spectabilis
Tatri (तत्री) Dillenia pentagyna
Teak (टिक) Tectona grandis
Tejpat (तेजपात) Cinnamomum tamala
Tilkar (तिलकर) Coccinea grandis
Utis (उतिस)Alnus Nepalensis


67 Nepali Names for Trees - Weird and Wonderful Names!

These were some of the most common Nepali Names for Trees. But although they are rather common names, we bet that a lot of you have never heard of a few of these before. That being said some of these Nepali names for trees are rather lost in time as well because they are hard to pronounce and very few people use them. Along with this, most of us just don’t care about specific trees. For us, they are just trees that give us fresh air, and regardless of which one it is, we should protect them.

Our guess is that only those who are involved in botany or woodworking know more than a few of these Nepali names for trees because their livelihood depends on their knowledge of these trees and plants.

Hope you found this interesting. If you have any suggestions for us, do let us know in the comments. And as always, thank you for reading till the end.

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