60 Flowers' Names in Nepali; What Does it Symbolize

60 Flowers' Names in Nepali; What Does it Symbolize
Flowers' Names in Nepali!!!

Flowers are called Ful in Nepali.

Every one of us likes flowers. A flower represents beauty.

Every flower has a different meaning.

It symbolizes different things. For e.g. White Rose symbolizes purity, innocence, reverence, a new beginning, and a fresh start. The red rose symbolizes Love. Dandelions represent the return of life, the rebirth of growth, and a display of abundant strength and power.

In today’s article, we will be learning about different flowers’ names in Nepali and their meaning.


So, let’s together learn different flowers’ names in Nepali and their meaning.

What Flower represents Sobriety?

60 Flowers' Names in Nepali; What Does it Symbolize

The Lotus Flower.

What is Rose Called in Nepali?

Rose is called Gulab.

What is Lily Called in Nepali?

Lily is called Lili.

Flowers’ Names in Nepali

60 Flowers' Names in Nepali; What Does it Symbolize

Let’s learn different flowers’ names in Nepali and what they symbolize.

You must know Red Roses symbolize Love, White Rose symbolizes Friendship but what about Jasmine or Daisy or Chrysanthemum?

After reading this article, you will learn different flowers’ names in Nepali as well as their meaning.

Thanks to your curiosity, now you will be a little more knowledgeable than you were yesterday.

Different Flowers’ Names in Nepali and their meaning!!

S.N.Flower Name in EnglishFlower Name in NepaliWhat does it Symbolize?
1Rose Gulaf; गुलाफRomance, Love, Beauty, and Courage
2LotusKamal; kamalSobriety
3LilyLili; लिलीPurity, Innocence, and Rebirth
4JasmineChameli; चमेली  Love, Beauty, or Sensuality
5Winter JasmineJado chameli; जाडो चमेलीFeminine powers, Sensuality, and Modesty
6DaisyDeji; डेजी Motherhood and Childbirth
7HibiscusHibiskasa; हिबिस्कस Ephemeral beauty, Romantic love, Friendship, and Joy
8White Lily Seto Lili; सेतो लिली Virginity and Purity
9Water Lily Pani Lili; पानी लिली Pleasure and Peace
10SunflowerSuryamukhi; सूर्यमुखी Loyalty, adoration
11ChrysanthemumGulada’udi; गुलदाउदी Friendship, Happiness, and Well-being
12Red lotusRato kamal; रातो कमलCompassion, Sympathy, and Selfless love.
13Blue Water LilyNeel Kamal; नील कमलA symbol of the sun and a sign of rebirth
14DahliaLahure Ful; लाहुरे फूलWealth and Elegance
15Four O’clock flowerLankaasaani; लंकासानीHope for a new day
16DaturaDhatura; धतुराPower and Caution
17Frangipani Galainchi; गलैंचीDevotion to someone
18TulipTulip; ट्यूलिपPerfect Love
19Red TulipRato Tulip; रातो ट्यूलिपTrue Love
20Purple Tulip Baijani Tulip; बैजनी ट्यूलिपRoyalty
21Mexican TuberoseSughandharaj; सुघन्धराजPurity, Peace, and Innocence
22OleanderWhite Karbir;श्वेत करबीर, White Kaner सेतो कनेरComplicated nature of love and relationships
23Edible Passion FlowerLaharey aap; लहरे आँपHope for life, death of Jesus Christ
24Arabian JasmineBeli; बेलीGood luck and Love
25Wishbone flowerPidamari; पिडामारीHappiness and Charm
26Coral JasmineParijat; पारिजातBeauty of Life
27Glory LilyNepali kewara; नेपाली केवाराGlorious, honorable, and fame
28Cypress VineJayanti; जयन्तीAffection
29Gurian ClematisJunge Lahara; जुंगे लहराMental beauty and ingenuity!
30Black Turmericकालो हलेदोWealth and prosperity
31JacarandaBhangeru Phul; भंगेरु फुलWisdom, rebirth, wealth, and good luck
32MarigoldSayapatri; सयपत्रीPower, strength, and light that lives inside of a person
33Mimosa PudicaLajawati; लाज्वतीThe Sun, Nature of secret love
34Morning GloryNishodhi; निशोधिStrength-giving a person the power to realize their hopes and dreams
35Moss RoseDasbaje Phul; बस्बजे फुलConfession of Love
36OrchidSunkhari; सुनखरी Love, luxury, beauty, and strength
37PansyPutali Phul; पुतली फुलLove – both romantic and platonic
38Water HyacinthJulkumbhi; जुल्कुम्बिनीPeacefulness, purity, and a wish for healing
39TuberoseRajnigandha; रंजिगन्धPurity, peace, and innocence
40SnapdragonKhukhurmukhe Phul; खुखुर्मुखे फुलGrace and strength
41ChrysanthemumGodawari; गोदावरीFriendship, happiness, and well-being.
42Cherry Blossom/ Sakura Paiyun Phul; पैयँफुल Flower of the spring, a time of renewal, and the fleeting nature of life
43BougainvilleaBaiganbeli; बैगान्बेलीWelcome, peace, and the promotion of free trade
44CactusSaudi; साउदीWarmth, protection, and motherly love
45CamelliaKamelia; कमेलियाLove, adoration, and longing
46RhododendronLaliguras; लालिगुरासBeauty and Energy
47Purple Globe AmaranthMakhmali; मखमलीUnchanging Friendship
48PoppyKhaskē phul; खस्केको फूलConsolation, remembrance and death
49 PoinsettiaLalupate; लालुपातेThe Christmas season and the miracles 
50Passiflora Caerulae/Passion FlowerGhandi Phul; घंडी फूलCrucifixion of Jesus
51ChamomileDamini; दामिनीRest, peace, poise, calmness
52White LilacSeto Lilac; सेतो बकाइनPurity and innocence
53Purple LilacPurple Lilac; बैजनी बकाइनSpirituality
54CarnationBagainche Phul; बगैँचे फूल Fascination, distinction, and love
55Narcissus/DaffodilGunakesari; गुनकेसरीRebirth and new beginnings
56PlumeriaGalaichi; गलैंची, Champa; चम्पा  Beauty, purity, and health
57Water HyacinthJalakumvhi; जलकुम्भी Peacefulness, purity, and a wish for healing
58Apricot BlossomKhurpānī Phul; खूपाॅनी फूल The hope for luck, happiness, loyal love
59Peony RosePeni Gulāpha; पेनी गूलाफProsperity, good luck, love, and honor
60PrimroseAgyaatkrit; अज्ञातकृतSpring, protection, safety, and love.


60 Flowers' Names in Nepali; What Does it Symbolize

So, was reading this article worth it? You must have learned about different flowers’ names in Nepali and their symbolic representation.

Now, you will have no trouble gifting flowers to your friends and family on different occasions.

And You will easily tell the Nepali names of flowers if your sibling, elder, or friends ask any flowers’ names in Nepali.

We hope you enjoy reading our article. Thank You!!! for reading till the end.

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