53 Nepali Names of Bird: Beautiful and Breathtaking Critters of Nepal

53 Nepali Names of Bird: Beautiful and Breathtaking Critters of Nepal

I wish I was a bird- then I would get to fly all over the world

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And we agree with that. Depending on the type of bird you become, you can even get all sorts of abilities – like supervision if you become an eagle or super beak if you become a woodpecker. That being said, do you know what they are called in Nepali? Or Nepali Names of birds in General?

While we do know the names of birds that are common like pigeon and sparrow, a lot of us are unaware of the Nepali names of birds that we don’t come across often.

Nepali Names of Birds

53 Nepali Names of Bird: Beautiful and Breathtaking Critters of Nepal

Since we are unaware of the Nepal names of tons of birds, it is a good idea to know them. While it may not help you much in your career or studies, it sure will help you if you need to travel within Nepal. We say this because a lot of Nepali still live in rural areas where they have no idea what their local bird are called in English. While you can describe them, it is always a good idea to know the Nepali names of birds. So without any further ado, let’s get started.

) English Names of BirdNepali Names of Bird
Asian Pied StarlingThople Latookosero (थोप्ले लाटोकोसेरो)
Baya WeaverBaya Vivara (बया विवर)
BitterTito (तितो)
ChickenKhukhura ko Challa (खुखुरा को चल्ला)
Cock Kukhura (खुखुरा)
CockatooKokato (कोकतो)
CuckooKoili (कोइलि)
Common MerganserKaure Haans (कौर हाँस)
Crane Sarasa (सारस)
CrowKaag (काग)
CygnetJevana Hansa (जिबन हाँस)
DoveDhukkur (धुक्कुर)
DrakeHamsa (हम्सा)
DuckHans (हाँस)
DucklingHans ko Challa (हाँस को चल्ला)
EagleChil (चिल)
Eurasian Collared-DoveKathe Dhukar (काठे ढुकुर)
GodwaliHamsa (हम्सा)
GooseHamnsa (हम्न्सा)
Great Cormoran Jalewa (जलेवा)
Great Crested GerbeDubulko Chara (दुबुल्को चार)
Great EgretThulo Seto Bakulla (ठुलो सेतो बकुल्ला)
Impeayan PheasentDanphe (डाँफे)
KiteGaruda (गरुडा)
LarkBharddhaja (भर्द्धजा)
Little Runged PloverLanghu Rajpitalika (लंघु राज्पितालिका)
53 Nepali Names of Bird: Beautiful and Breathtaking Critters of Nepal
English Names of BirdNepali Names of Bird
Long Legged BuzzardLamkhutte Shyenabaaj (लामखुट्टे श्येनाबाज)
MacawMakau (मकालु)
MagpieDhobi (धोबी)
MyanahMyanna (म्यन्ना)
NightangleJureli (जुरेली)
Oriental Pied HornbillKaalo Dhanes (कालो धन्स)
OstrichAstrich (अस्त्रीच)
OwlLatokosero (लाटोकोसेरो)
ParrotSuga (लाटोकोसेरो)
PatridgeTira (तिर)
Pea HenMujurni (मुजुरनी)
PeacockMujur (मुजुर)
PigeonParewa (परेवा)
QuailBattai (बट्टाई)
RavenKalo Kawwa (कालो कव्वा)
RookBaraph (बरफ)
Rose-Ringed ParakeetKanthe Suga (काँठे सुगा)
SparrowBhangera (भंगेरा)
Spotted Owlet Dangre Sarau (दंग्रे सरउ)
Steppe EagleGomayu Mahachhi (गोमतु महाछी)
Tibetan SnowcockKongma Kukukhura (कोंग्मा कुखुरा)
VultureGiddha (गिद्ध)
Weaver BirdThamgnale Hunda Banaune Charo (थम्ग्नाले हुँदा बनाउने चारो)
Woodpecker Kathphora (कथ्फोरा)
Wooly Necked StorkBhundifor (भुन्दिफोर)


These are the Nepali Names of birds that are more common in Nepal. But as you may have guessed these are not all of the existing birds in Nepal. Despite that, this list does contain some of the most common birds in Nepal along with their Nepali Names.

How many of these did you know?

Hope you found this interesting and helpful. If you have any suggestions for us, do let us know them down in the comments below. And as always, thank you for reading till the end.

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