5 Great Traits of Names that Starts with G!

5 Great Traits of Names that Starts with G!

The most common word that we hear that stats with the letter G is “good” followed by “God”

Regardless of who you are, there are few words that you just speak instinctively. This distinctiveness doesn’t come from any external sources but from within you. But why are we talking about instinct here? 

It is because being Instinctive is one of the defining traits of people who have a  name that starts with G. As to why this trait is one of the defining traits that we will have to look at the numerology of G.

Letter G is closely related to the number 3 which is the last of the first triad of the numbers. This number represents the spirit and the instinct of a person. As per astrology, some traits of people are determined from birth, some by name some form the environment they grew up in. Here we will take a look at some common traits of people with a name that starts with G taken from these three aspects.

But before we go there, we go to the traits, lets ask one question

What does it mean to have a name with the letter G?

If you have a name that starts with the letter G it means that you are inventive and instinctive. While you may find it harder to be in tune with the existing systems, you can invent new ways to implement things rather easily. But that being said you can be a bit obsessed with making things perfect a bit too much. 

We all have instinct but if you know someone whose name starts with the letter G then their instinct is stronger than others by some margin – they react better to their surroundings and have a better sense of danger from the rest of the peeps. Now all of these comes with a certain set of traits.

Traits of people whose name starts with G

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As we mentioned before, there are some traits that are associated with people whose name starts with G. That being said, not everyone whose name starts with the letter G has every one of these traits. The core for most of these traits is not only their inventiveness but also their innate instinctual awareness of the surroundings that play a key part in defining their personality. If your name starts with the letter G, the chances are you probably have a few of these as well.

Quick Minded

A quick-minded person is someone who is able to think and understand quickly and this is one of the core traits of people whose name starts with G. People whose name starts with G, may have noticed that you can think quicker than some of your peers and tend to understand things easily. Sure not all thoughts that you think are good ones and sometimes you understand wrong but that is the issue of comprehension skills and not speed. 

Truth seekers

They seek what lies beneath, something that the eyes can’t see. For those who have a name that starts with G, you are never satisfied with what you see and you want to know every what and why’s of things that you are interested in. Findings answers to “How” is rather an easy one but “why” is always the difficult one. However, regardless of the difficulties, you will dive deep into them. That being said it takes a long time for you to find your interests as well. It’s all or nothing when it comes to knowing the truth for you. 

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Extremely Selective

You are someone who explores to the length what normal people tend to ignore but doing that takes a lot of effort and energy. So, to cover this lack of energy and your extreme curiosity you become extremely selective.  You analyze things carefully and weigh the pros and cons of everything before investing your time in anything- be it a person or a thing. 

Now while this is good and all, while being selective sometimes you tend to take a long time which can make you miss quite a few things as well. So be sure to take time into consideration while being selective as well.


What would happen if someone who selects things carefully is also the same person who seeks what lies beyond the eyes? Naturally, you get a perfectionist. Selecting carefully, diving deep, and making it near-perfect is your second nature. This being said because you do everything in detail you also tend to be slow. If you are someone whose name starts with G, then you likely believe in “better good and slow than fast and bad”/ 

Master of one jack of none

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Now when you are a perfectionist, you also tend to be somewhat of a nitpicky person. Also due to this very reason, you tend to know a lot about the stuff you are interested in and don’t really care much about other things when you get into the zone. Now all of this is good but this also means that you either don’t need advice or don’t really care about advice. 

But that being said, you’d rather be the master of one than a jack of all trades and dominate thing that you perfect.

Specialty of the letter G

The specialty of this letter is it was invented to prevent confusion. The Greek alphabet represented the voiced velar Stop by this third letter Gamma but this later began to represent the invoice Velar Stop. Now, this caused confusion between the sounds, and the letter G was invented to represent Voice Vela while C was used to represent Unvoiced Velar.

Since this letter was invented for a purpose, the specialty of the letter G has always been Purposeful, Orderly, and Inventive.


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So if you have a name that starts with G, you are likely to be someone who has strong instincts and is very careful when aiming for perfection in life.

Hope that this was entertaining for you. If you have any suggestions for us, do let us know them down in the comments below. And as always thank you for reading till the end. 

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