30 Mind-blowing Limbu Names

30 Mind-blowing Limbu Names

“Nepal, a common garden of 4 caste and 36 ethnicity”

(Prithivi Narayan Shah)

Different ethnic people with different cultures and traditions live in Nepal sharing peace and harmony. Among different ethnic groups, Limbu is one of them. Limbu tribes are the original inhabitants and descended from the ancient Kirat, native to the Himalayan Limbuwan region of Eastern Nepal, Northern Sikkim, India. Limbu names have their own significance and uniqueness.

Name Giving Ceremony in Limbu Community

Limbu perform name-giving ceremonies with respect to their own culture and tradition. A child naming ceremony is held for the protection of the baby, to give good wishes to the newborn and to announce the birth of a new guest who is believed to be the descendant of heaven carrying a supreme power with the prayers of the supreme goddess, Tagera Ningwaphuma.

Limbu Boy Names

A naming ceremony is conducted on the third day and fourth day after birth for a boy and a girl respectively. The ceremony is performed by Limbu priest Phedangma for the purification purpose of newborn baby, mother, house and the close relatives under the supervision of Tumyahang (elders).

Magenna (to hold one’s head high) is conducted for the baby and the name is given considering the time, day or date, month, year or special occasion of the baby’s birth. Name can also be borrowed form inspiring personalities or from the name of god and goddess. The ritual of showing light is also performed and the baby is also, introduced to moons and stars. Limbu names are so fascinating-drawing people attention to its uniqueness.

Beautiful Limbu Baby Girl Names

names starting with M in Hindu: Limbu Names

Here, some Limbu names given to girls with its meaning are listed below:

Beautiful Limbu Baby Boy Names

A small Baby boy sleeping Limbu Names

Here, some Limbu names that are given to a boy with their meaning are listed below:


These all are the Limbus name in accords to their culture. All these names are beautiful, attractive and unique having their own significance. They are very soothing to ear and draws people attention. Why not choose them for your child?

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