15 Forgotten Newari Nicknames To Name Your Loved Ones

15 Forgotten Newari Nicknames To Name Your Loved Ones

“Ooo Gwajyachha, Sanchai chhas?”

You may have heard this line if you ever met two Newari buddies who are really close with each other. Newari people have a habit of giving each nickname. You may think that this is a new thing but it really is not. Newari people of older Generations did this as well and they did this far too often.

But they may have different reasons for giving each other nicknames. People had a lot of similar names back in the day. This probably led to a lot of confusion and as a result, people might have kept these just for the sake of clarity.

One of our writers said that he had 4 people of the same name in his area. All 4 of them had a nickname and people usually took their nicknames along with their names.

This being said, people do keep nicknames just for the sake of familiarity as well. It is said that

if you are comfortable with someone giving you a nickname, then you are already close with them

So without any delay, let’s move on to the Newari nicknames that you can give to your loved ones. 

Side note* In Newari Language : symbol is used whenever you need to drag a pronunciation for a bit longer. So A becomes Aaa in this context.

20 humorous Newari nicknames that you can give to your loved ones.

15 Newari Nicknames For Your Give to your loved ones

Before we move on to the nicknames we should make it clear that quite a few of them are related to animals. These are so because the people who get these nicknames attached to them share some traits of these animals. Other than this, a lot of these are based on traits as well. 

Side note Newari uses Cha as a suffix for a lot of things so you will find them here as well.

1. Puta (पुता) (Pronounced as: Pu – taa/ पु – ता)

This word is not exactly a nickname but it is often used as one. This a word that old people use when calling their favorite young ones. In a similar way, this name is often used as a nickname for those who are adorably childish in nature. 

2. Maichha (मैचा) (Pronounced as: mai – chha/ मै- चा)

You already have a gist of what this word means. You have heard this and are very familiar with this term. This word means “A young female that you know” of. Maichha is often used by husbands to address their wives in a loving manner. This nickname is popular among Newari Lovers.

3. Kaichha(काइचा) (Pronounced as: ka – i – chaa/ का – इ – चा)

Maichha was used for young females, Kaichha is used for young males. This word is often given as a nickname to the young males of the family and often by big brothers to their young brothers. Kaichha is often shortened into Kai and then added to names as a suffix. An example of this can me Krishna turned into Krishna Kai.

4. Daichha (दाइचा) (Pronounced as: daa- i – chaa/ दा – इ – चा)

This is the counterpart of the Maichha. Daichha in Newari means an elder brother. While this is the literal meaning, this is often used to address their boyfriends by females. Similarly, this is also a popular nickname given to the husbands by their wives.

5. Gwajyachha (Pronounced as: Da – i – chaa/ दा – इ – चा)

This word means “Stupid” but when said in a friendly manner or used as a nickname, it becomes rather cute. If you watch anime, Gwajyachha is equivalent to “Baka-Chan”. For those who don’t watch anime, this nickname is similar to the word “Pagal” when said by a lover.

6. Chwakin (चवाकिं) (Pronounced as: ch – wa – ki – n/ च् – वा – कि – न्)

If you are Newari and someone who is spontaneous and can’t stay still for a second, then you probably have been given this nickname. This means “chakchake” in Nepali. Although it can be given to both males and females, this is a nickname given to females more often than males.

7. Bajya (बाज्या) (Pronounced as: Baa – j – ya/ बा – ज् – या)

If you are someone who is called puta, then what do you call those who named you puta? That’s right you call them Bajya. Bajya in Newari means Grandfather which is a perfect nickname for those who call you Puta or act way older than they should.

15 Newari Nicknames For Your Give to your loved ones

8. Ghemo Gwara (घेम्वो ग्वारा) (Pronounced as: Ghe – n – wo – g- waa- ra/ घे – म – वो – ग् – वा र

We all have that one friend who doesn’t care about the looks and is satisfied as long as the work is done. This is the perfect nickname for those people and is given to those people in Newari communities. 

9. Byanchha (ब्यांचा) (Pronounced as: B – ya – n – chaa/ ब् – या – न् – चा)

So you know that small and round friend of yours who is just adorable? What do you call her? If you still haven’t given her a nickname, then this is a perfect one to give. Byanchha means frog and if you observe frogs closely you will find them rather cute. They sit all day, look cute and make cute noises – just like that friend of yours.

10. Gwara mai/ Gwara bau (ग्वारा मै / ग्वारा बौ) (Pronounced as: g – wa – ra – mai/ g – wa – ra – bau/ ग् – वा- रा – मै/ ग् – वा- रा – बौ)

This is another set of nicknames for those who are on the chubby side. Mai and Bau mean younger females and males respectively. Gwara meanwhile means round. Instead of calling them Mote or Bhaisi, if you are close with someone who is chubby, why not call them gwara bau or gwara mai? It sounds a lot better than the alternatives.

11. Kisi (किसी ) (Pronounced as: Ki – si / कि – सी)

Alternatively, you can also call the chubby ones Kisi as well. While this may sound like Kiss + I, it is not. It means elephant and is used for chubby people as well as for those who have large ears.

12. Khwabulu (ख्वबुलु) (Pronounced as: kh – wa- bu – lu / ख् – व – बु – लु )

This nickname is made for all those cry babies out there. Khwabulu means “runchhe” or “cry baby” so it is a perfect nickname for them. This is often given to those kids who cry a lot or used by lovers if one of them is emotional.

13. Jya Maru (ज्या मरु) (Pronounced as: j – ya – ma – ru / ज् – या – म – रु)

Remember that who always has time to party for some reason? Give them this nickname. It is made from two words “Jya” meaning “work “and “maru” meaning “Don’t have”. This nickname is given to those people who always have free time. Admittedly this nickname is given by those who are jealous of all the free time but in a way it is cute as well.

14. Twae (त्वाए) (Pronounced as: t – wa – ae / त् – वा – ए)

Twae sounds weird but is one of the most basic things. The Nepali translation of this word means “meet” and is a common nickname given by two besties to each other if they have a few habits in common.

15. Nhyakulu (न्ह्यकुलु) (Pronounced as: n – h – ya – ku – lu / न् – ह् – य  – कु – लु )

Ever called your bestfriend Kumbhakarna? Of course, we have. It is especially annoying when they are sleeping when you are waiting for 30 minutes in their room. Then call then Nhyakulu, This term literally means “sutandaas” or someone who sleeps a lot. In English that would be the sleepy head. Along with this, it is also another one of those nicknames used a lot by couples in love.

Before we go,

15 Newari Nicknames For Your Give to your loved ones

As you may have noticed, a lot of the nicknames in the Newari language are related to the traits of the people. Along with this, you may also have noticed that as long as the nicknames sound cute and don’t mean anything bad, it is often used by couples. This is one of the tropes of Newari Language – anything can be used as a nickname. 

And as always, thank you for reading till the end. Hope this was helpful and if you have any feedback for us, do let us know in the comments below.

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