34 Cute Nepali Nickname for Boyfriend

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As in Drama fills any Play, picking out a nickname for Boyfriend will fill your relationship. Now, one might ask, isn’t it too much to give nickname credit for? Well, think about the instance when you taunt your boyfriend and gave him cringe with the most ridiculous nickname he does not like. We could see that sly glee-the more you get that cringe reaction, the more fun you get. In other instances, think of calling your boyfriend with utmost feeling, just the normal name like ‘Honey’ or ‘Baby’ would turn the air of romance.

The point is being in a relationship induces a feeling of being special-and not having a special name/names/ nicknames to call for your loving one is a drag. It’s like a writer giving character. The more your relationship evolves the more you start understanding your partner and the best part is when that special bond is further strengthened with inside jokes, and sensibility towards each other’s habit and once you get that epiphany, giving nickname feels so sensible and grotesquely dramatic.

30 Cute Nepali Nickname for Boyfriend To Call In Love

What could match and amplify the ‘Cheekiness’ and ‘Cheesiness’ the way the nicknames do? Just try this, “Honey just don’t be so sweet I could die of Diabetes.” You can invent a ton of these cheesy lines and have fun with your special partner. Now, if you need some of the ideas with the names, we are here to help you with that.

Just give a sneak peek at our list of the nicknames that you can give to your boyfriend.

Lists of 30 Cute Nepali Nickname for Boyfriend

1. Kalu

Your Boyfriend can be ‘Kalu’ irrespective of his skin tone. It’s just another nickname that is so simple yet so effective to evoke love and romance.

2. Sanu

This is another nickname you can give to your loved one which is called out in utmost love, care and romance.

3. Maya / Mayalu

30 Cute Nepali Nickname for Boyfriend To Call In Love

Maya is a Gender-neutral nickname. You can call your Boyfriend ‘Maya’ to reinforce the fact how much you love him.

4. Jaanu / Jaan

You call ‘Jaan’ as a nickname for your Boyfriend to iterate that he the most precious one in your life.

5. Kanchu / Kanchha

Call your boyfriend ‘Kancchu’ to show him utmost love and in other instances to flirt with him.

6. Mutu

‘Heart’ is the universal symbol of love. The word ‘Mutu’ is literally translated as ‘Heart’. Call your Boyfriend ‘Mutu’ to symbolize your utmost love.

7. Raja / Mero Raja

Give your Boyfriend grandiose sense and pleasure like Royalty-to flatter him by calling him ‘Raja’ or ‘Mero Raja’.

8. Baby

Along with evoking love and romance, if you want to be flirty-try out this nickname with your partner.

9. Honey

This nickname is probably the of the most used word in pop-culture-mostly in the pop songs you hear. If your Boyfriend is sweet as hell, you can call him ‘Honey’.

10. Baba

Now, there is a catch here. This nickname is commonly used by married women to call out their partners. But, if you want to be flirty and whiney, the phrase ‘Mero Baba’ will more than be enough to cringe your partner to his bones and you will be the one squeezing all the fun out of it.

11. Sweets / Sweetu / Sweetheart

If your partner is pure gold hearted gentleman, he can be Sweetheart, Sweets and Sweetu.

12. Sunshine

Just like the dawn brings a new day, your partner can symbolize as your Dawn-if so you can call him your ‘Sunshine’.

13. Prince Charming / Cheese

If your partner is a ‘Cheese’ and a ‘Charmer’ whose aura is appreciated by everybody, he sure is your ‘Prince Charmer’.

14. Stud

If your man is a charmer who can read the subtleties in your habits and needs and act accordingly, he is your ‘Stud’.

15. Hunk / Hunky-Dunky / Hunk-a-dunk

If you are in a playful and flirty mood, you can call your Boyfriend as Hunky-Dunky/ Hunk/ Hunk-a-Dunk.

16. Dumpling

If you can’t resist the relish-juiciness and the sweetness of your loved one, call him your ‘Dumpling’.

17. Cutie Pie/ Cutie

If you can’t resist pulling out the cheeks of your partner, call him with these names.

18. Hot Shot/ Hottie

The sensational and irresistible dash and persona can make your partner a ‘Hot Shot’. Meanwhile, observe the glow in your partner’s face as you call him out with this name as it would make him blush and flattered.

19. Cookie

Just like the sweet cookie which complements with your ‘Tea’ or ‘Coffee’, call him your ‘Cookie’. Wait! did that just made you ‘Tea’ or a ‘Coffee’?

20. Champ

You can call your Boyfriend as ‘Champ’ if he is overloaded with 3 C’s- Casual, Candid and Cool.

21. Honey Bunny

You can use this nickname to flirt and induce more cheesy conversations with your partner.

22. Jello/Jelly/ Jelly Bean/ Jolly

If your partner presence is always refreshing and Jolly, you can can him your ‘Jello’.

23. Corazon

If you are sick with hearing common names, try this name ‘Corazon’ which literally means ‘Heart’ in Spanish.

24. Cupcake/ Muffin

If your Boyfriend is irresistibly Sweet fellow, call him your ‘Muffin’ or ‘Cupcake’.

25. Dimples

As the name suggests itself-if your boyfriend’s got dimples which makes him look dapper and sexy, call him ‘Dimples’.

26. Amore

If your boyfriend is like a profound piece of art, just like they call it in Medieval Rome. You can call him your ‘Amore’ which literally translates as ‘Love’ in Italian.

27. Hottie / Sexy

You can always get that charming smile and blush when you call your loved one as ‘Hottie’ or ‘Sexy’.

28. Love

‘Love’ is preferably a common yet profound nickname which communicates your feeling to your partner nonchalantly.

29. Gorgeous / Handsome

“Hey Gorgeous/Handsome” is the expression that will definitely make your loved one’s day once he hears it from you.

30. Captain

If you call your love an adventure like a trip into marooned and uncharted ocean, call your boyfriend ‘Captain’, set sail.

31. Old Man

“Oye Old Man enough with your bullshit”, call him out if he is being a nuisance.

32. My Dear/Dearest

The bond of being special to each other is always strengthened by calling your love ‘My Dear’ or ‘Dearest’.

33. Pumpkin

Just like the pumpkin which stays ripe and fresh for a long long time-call your boyfriend ‘Pumpkin’ reassure him that the relationship you have is perennial.

34. Sugar

Either you sugar coat sometimes being mischievous or flirty or the instances when you just look and adore him call him your ‘Sugar’.

Ending Thoughts

Being in a relationship is a special feeling, and probably the word ‘Special’ is an understatement. Though it’s hard to compile the elusive feelings, let’s try to give more meaning to them. And giving a nickname could fill up some of that void. As the relationship is a discovery in itself, cherish it with your special one.

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