14 Strong and Superior Arjun Names for Baby Boy

Your baby boy is deemed to be the strong one. It could be your pride to name him in tribute to the strongest character from the legends. You can call him Arjun, Arjuna, or many more Arjun names for baby boy, that highlight strength, wisdom, and intelligence.

Spreading out the options for your baby boy has never been any easier. Unique, varying and out of the box.

Why Arjun names for Baby Boy?

The embodiment of power, Arjun portrays the sense of victory. Out of the 5 Pandava brothers, Arjun is the strongest one. As the conqueror of a fair war against many legendary opponents, Arjun has been considered to be the most selfless character from the epic of Mahabharata.

Arjun names
Arjun with the Guidance of Lord Krishna

Lists of Arjun Names for Baby Boy

Arjun names for baby boy
Representation of Arjun with his Bow and Arrow
ArjunaSilver or Shining
BhibatsuOne who is always fair in wars
DhananjayOne who brongs porsperity and wealth to the land
GudakeshOne who win over sleep
GandivdhanavOne who posesses Gandivam given by Agni
JishnuConqueror of enemies
KireetiOne who wears special crown given by Indra
KapidhwajOne who is having flag of lord Hanuman
ParthanSon of pritha, another name of Kunti
ParanthapOne who concentrates the most
ShwetavahananOne who is having white horses in the chariot
SavyasachiSkillful in both arms
VijayAlways victorious
Table with Arjun Names and their respected meanings
Arjun names for baby boy
Baby boy playing happily

Before You End This Article

Strength is what you make yourself feel. And Humans have the belief factor that has strengthened their hold on legends and gods. Your baby boy is very lucky to highlight that strength. And we all are going to be proud to call him with these Arjun names for baby boy of strength.

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