20 Unusual But Beautiful Female Names

Are you friend with someone who have a weird but beautiful name?
Or, Do you know someone who has a very weird name but still sounds soothing to ear?

I do know someone who has a very weird name yet very beautiful with a beautiful meaning behind it. Every name is beautiful on its own. But some names are unusual and still beautiful. So here is the list of those weird but beautiful Female names. Check it out, your name also might be there.

Is it good to have a weird name?

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Giving a good to give your babies a good name. Cause a name is what represents your child in the future. As long as the is beautiful and has a good meaning it doesn’t matter if it is weird or not. So make sure to give your baby a good name.

20 unusual yet beautiful Female names

Female names


Limbu names- a baby playing on bed.

Everybody’s names are given to them by their parents. It may be based on their culture, religion, or something. So if you hear someone has a weird name you should not make fun of them. People should respect everyone’s name. Thank you for reading till the end. Have a good Day!