10 Latest Viral Nepali Names 2021

Viral Nepali Names are the new celebrity in Nepal. Some go viral through good work, and some after creating controversial news. Either way, they are the famous ones in Nepal. 

How many Viral Nepali Names do you know? We are in a country where it doesn’t take much to go viral. Any video and photo have a decent chance.

That brings us these questions, what makes a video or a person go viral in Nepal? Or What should I have to do to make myself or my content viral? 

Actually, there are several reasons – controversy, stupidity, comedy, unexpected beauty, information, entertainment, or maybe infotainment. Anything needs to spread rapidly and be approved fast for it to go viral. And those who make content viral are people like you and me. – people who share images, audio, or video because we find it very funny, very informative, or very beautiful. 

Viral Nepali Names
Viral Nepali Names 2021

The Routine of Nepal Banda went viral because it provides good information. Likewise, Lekamani went viral because he was funny, and Kusum went viral because she was beautiful.

Some Examples of People Going Viral

Believe it or not, people love cringe, and some people feed on these emotions to go viral. Let us be honest here, who among us has not heard of Guras NaniSajin Maharjan, or Saroj Tamang. These people went viral because they created a cringe. 

Saroj Tamang brought transgender into the highlight but in a corny way. Guras Nani brought forward our inner desire of dating a celebrity but embarrassingly. And Sajin Maharjan brought our bathroom singer into the light, just in a bit of a cringy style. Sometimes it is a little discomfort to watch them but, that’s what their content is.

All those corny and cringy acts make you feel embarrassed and might seem stupid and silly. However, that is what made them the face of meme pages. That is what made their names be on everyone’s lips. And as a result, they went viral.

Viral Nepali Names 2021

Some Viral people fade away, maybe due to their content being outdated or people wanting new faces. For others, they do not want to be in the limelight, like the Kusum Shrestha, the Tarkariwali from back in 2016, who became the crush of many Nepali boys.

Nevertheless, some of them have been able to remain relevant despite the passage of time. One such name is Bishal Gautam, who went viral because of a skit and comedy and has been relevant to this date. So it is not a question of when will a person go viral but will that person stay consistent for a long time after going viral?

Politicians like KP Oli and actors/actresses like Bipin Karki are well known even before they went viral.

These people are somewhat common names. We bet that a lot of you know someone who shares these names or even has them yourself. Before we move on to the list, we have to inform you that we won’t be including those who went viral because of any violence, language, or brief nudity.

So, let’s check out the list of 10 Viral Nepali names.

List of Viral Nepali Names

1. KP Oli

viral nepali names

We all know who he is. The prime minister of Nepal goes viral very often. Many times it is because of the good deeds he does – like the time when he was our voice when the border issue between India and Nepal sparked up but sometimes because of the dumb things he says like “Nepali have a great immune system and are able to resist covid better than the rest“.

Recently he has been going viral because he said “Tyo Pardaina” during Pradhan Mantri Sapath Grahan. Is it a good thing? Surely not, but is it entertaining? Of course.

Regardless of what you say or whether you agree on KP Oli being a great Prime minister, he sure is an entertaining one.

2. Shilu Pokharel

Viral Nepali Names

Well, we all know that she is a viral face and a name but do you know why she went viral?

It is because of her YouTube series Blind Date and her dialogue “Ma jasto beautiful kt sanga date ma ayeko cha jaba ki mera real fans lai pani maile baalai diyena. Lainai lagaye pani naya baneshwor dekhi thankot samma pugchha”.(म जस्तो राम्री केटि संग डेट मा आएको छ जब कि मेरा रिअल फ्याँस लाइ पनि मैले बाल दिएन . लाइनै लगाए नि नया बानेश्वोर देखि थानकोट सम्म पुग्छ)

But this is not all that she is viral for. She also has her rap style, her make-up, and the way speaks is entertaining, to say the least. Regardless of what you say, she is someone who is trying to do her best and is entertaining as heck to watch.

3. Anshika Sharma – Miss Universe

Viral Nepali Names

Who is she?

She is Miss universe Nepal of 2020 and she is our very own National Crush during late 2020. She is beautiful indeed but beauty is just the start for her.

She is a beauty with brains. People often dream of working at DHL and guess what? She works as a business analyst for this company. She is a viral face in recent times and rightfully so. After all, she did represent Nepal for all the word – in a good way.

4. Rabi Lamichhane

Viral Nepali Names

Do you remember that time when this dialogue went Viral? “Man Katakka dukhchha Ravi Dai (मन कटक्क दुख्छ रवि दाई)”. This was a dialogue from “Sidha Kura Prasta Bichar (सिधा कुरा प्रस्ट विचार)” a year back. Ravi Lamichane is the person this dialogue is said to. Well, he was well known even before that. He is a well-known journalist who is not afraid to ask questions that matter and is not afraid to questions the politicians by becoming the voice of the people. He became the voice of unheard. Now, this is the best way to go viral – the right way.

5. Gyanendra Shahi

Viral Nepali Names

Who is the person who raided a medical supplier that sold oximeter for a much higher profit? That person is Gyanendra Shahi.

This is why he went viral recently. But this is not the first time he went viral. Back in 2019, he went viral around a year ago when he criticized the minister of Tourism for delaying the Kathmandu-bound buddha air flight in Nepalgunj. Along with this, he has been an anti-corruption due to which he goes viral every now and then when he confronts politicians directly.

6. Shrinkhala Khatiwada

Viral Nepali Names

You know who she is, she is Miss Nepal who is another name for Beauty with Brains. She first went viral and became the National crush when she became Miss Nepal back in 2018. Then she went viral because of her social work and again after she got into a relationship with our very own Daari Bro – Sisan Baniya. And now she has gone viral because she got accepted into Haward– one of the most prestigious universities in the whole world which only accepts the most intelligent of people.

7. Prakash Subedi

Viral Nepali Names

If there is anyone who is famous for controversies in the Nepali Movie Industry, Prakash Subedi is the name for you. He has been going viral for quite a while because of his controversies with movie celebrities. For instance, he once went Viral because he commented on Nepali actress Pooja Sharma.

Then his clash with Swastima Khadka went viral as well. This thing got so bad that apparently his Show “Rajatpat” was almost shut down because actors refused to come to his show. Is it bad? Yes, but is it entertaining? Definitely. He is the one whom we should learn what not to do during an interview with a celebrity.

8. Rishi Dhamala

Viral Nepali Names

Bhannus – Janta Janna Chahanchha( जनता जान्न चाहन्छन)” is one of those dialogues that a lot of us say casually. Well, Rishi Dhamala is the originator of that dialogue. You all know why he is one of those Viral Nepali Names. He is savage during interviews, entertaining as heck, and has a bad sense of timing.

If you listen to his interviews, you will find that most of the time, he asks quite relevant questions – but just at the wrong time. But he sometimes does ask dumb questions as well and, you guessed it, at the wrong time. The way he speaks is unique as well. Due to all of these reasons he is someone who has all the right to be a viral name for all the right cause.

9. Sachin Pariyar

Viral Nepali Names

We bet that a lot of you know his dialogue without knowing that he was the one who said it. The dialogue is “Thik chha hajurr“. He is cute, adorable, and has a song that can make you dance and say “aww” at the same time. Do you need anything else to be viral? Well yes but sometimes cuteness does the trick as well. Besides he is too young to be viral for controversies and big deeds. Let the guy enjoy his viral moment for his cuteness.

10. Rajendra Khadgi

Viral Nepali Names

If there was anyone who went viral for being too savage, then it is this guy. Seriously, just watch his videos and you will know. He is the embodiment of the phrase “thug life“. He speaks non-sense, says controversial things, and is unapologetically savage. We all know Rishi Dhamala as the guy who is unafraid to say things right that matter right in the face but Rajendra Khadgi beats him in that game. Along with that, he has his own song in Newari called “Chiwo chiu dhewa neh thaaku” which is very entertaining.

In the End

If you are bored, these viral Nepali names might have refreshed your memory of a few memorable times. These names are the ones that made us think, cringe, feel and laugh at one point in time after all. Some of these viral people have remained relevant in their field, some got upgraded, and keep on popping up every now and then, while some have all but disappeared. Before we end this article we have to acknowledge that people can go viral for any number of reasons, however, it is our duty to be aware of those reasons.

Anyway, who is your favorite among all of these? Some of you might be or know a person or two who shares these viral Nepali names. Did you find such a name here? Let us know in the comments below and if you have any suggestions for us, do comment them down below as well.

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